Re-Purposing in the Home Stretch

Being almost done is a very strange feeling. You’re almost there, but there’s still a lot to be done. I had a similar feeling on my 9 hour drive from New Jersey to Michigan last week, probably around the 6 or 7 hour mark. Everyone else in the car was asleep, and I was on the third play of my “Bruce Springsteen: Greatest Hits” CD (it was the most New Jersey-ian car ride I have ever taken part in, and it was amazing), so I was tired. I knew the end was close, but I knew the last push would take a lot of energy and I just didn’t have much left. Taking a step back from my re-purposing project last week gave me the energy I needed to edit, add, cut, and generally make my re-purposing project better. Along with some solid suggestions from Shelley, I can safely say that I feel like I’m almost done with the re-purposing project. I think it is coming together nicely as both an informative piece but one that is rife with my own commentary, and that has a lot of instances where I am able to use the genre conventions of a blog post to my advantage. The last step I think is making my audience a bit clearer, and making it more discerned in the piece so that someone from the intended audience would be sure that this is a piece for then. When it’s finally finished, I’ll be able to say in the immortal words of Bruce, “hey, what else can we do now?”

2 thoughts to “Re-Purposing in the Home Stretch”

  1. Hi Eli,
    I love the added interest of what I assume was a spring/winter break related drive. I think it does a good job revealing the same personality that you reveal in your re-purposing project. Even when I’m not working on projects, they are still spinning around in my brain somewhere, and I think that this is the kind of thing you are describing. Taking a step back sometimes makes me lazy though. Anyways, it sounds like you’re making awesome progress with your re-purposing and I definitely see the things you described (informative, humorous and personality based commentary, and pieces of conventional blog posts). As for audience, I’m still trying to figure that part of my project out myself, but I think your best bet is to take another step away and go back to looking at your models in terms of their audience. Maybe that will help you to re-examine and solidify your prospective audience.

  2. Hey Eli,
    I really like your use of music in your post. I played it as I read it and it helped me feel like I was riding in the car with you. I totally understand your feeling right now- I am in the same boat. The home stretch is sometimes the worst part when it comes to writing (unlike driving) because the little things are the most difficult to fix. Good job so far! I know that as an audience, I really enjoyed reading your piece! If that helps..

    – Julia

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