Remediating the Repurposing

For my remediating project, I think it would be challenging, yet more fun, to remediate my repurposing project instead of Why I Write. My repurposing topic touches on the civil right movement transformation by the Millennial Generation in Hong Kong. It involves a wide array of areas, including Arts, Technology, Politics, and generation gap in Hong Kong. It was challenging to be able to illustrate the interdisciplinary theme with merely words and pictures as the essence of my repurposing topic comes from the interpersonal interaction and means of communication. Therefore, for my remediating project, I hope to push my argument further and perhaps, use the project itself as a demonstration of my argument and means to involve with my targeted audience.

With these in mind, I think my remediating project could take form of a messaging communication, whether similar to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or WeChat. Particularly, I’m thinking that it could hence involve videos, pictures, as well as dynamic conversation amongst characters. One creative idea I hope to incorporate is showcasing the conversation dynamically. As the readers are engaging in my remediating project, they see messages exchanged instead of reading through all of them. However, the technical opportunities are still yet to explored for this aspect. Some of the things I hope to take advantage of with this new medium are establishing a rhetorical position of a peer instead of a writer to reader relationship, using non-fictional artifacts from the Hong Kong protest to elicit emotion, and developing a sense of active engagement rather than passively reading about a case study of Millennials on civil right movements.

I’m very excited for this project and would certainly expect some emoji along the way! 🙂

One thought to “Remediating the Repurposing”

  1. Hi Gabrielle,
    Your repurposing piece sounds really interesting! I also think your idea for remediating is a great way to approach the topic. You might even want to interview some friends or family members about this topic in order to hear what they have to say. You could incorporate some of their quotes into this remediation piece in order to have the texting dialogue be more organic. Some of these friends / family members could even be characters in your work, under different names if you wanted.
    Best of luck with your remediation!

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