Remediation Methods

I’ve decided to make a video for my remediation project, which will itself require a few different media platforms. I’m certified to use the Electronic Music Studio A and the Multimedia workrooms at the Duderstadt, so I will most likely be going there to record audio/background music. I also recently bought a recording interface, but I don’t know how to use it yet, and I’m still not as familiar as I’d like to be with Cubase (I just downloaded a compact version), so I’ll probably just stick to the music studios. As far as filming goes, students are allowed to check out a variety of equipment at ISS (Instructional Support Services). I’ll either be doing that or just using my own digital camera. I may be featuring/animating my own art as well, and though I’m all set on art supplies, it’s available at Ulrich’s if anyone is looking to buy supplies on campus.

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