Repurposing In Progress

When originally reading the repurposing prompt and all that the project entailed, I was terrified. Maybe I wasn’t terrified, but I wasn’t super excited. It sounded hard, and I’m kind of stubborn when it comes to changing my work. But nonetheless, I’ve really enjoyed myself throughout this process.

Repurposing has taught be a lot about reverse engineering my models, breaking down my thought processes into even tinier, more intricate pieces.

My original piece of writing came from my blog- Hurricane Kate. The post, The Sophomore Experience: A Series of Unfortunate Hookups, outlined a typical family get-together over the holidays. These holiday dinners, without fail, include questions about my grades, my job, my classes, and ultimately why I don’t have a boyfriend. My repurposing was to create a collection of short stories stemming from my absolutely obnoxious and horrific experiences with guys. Originally, I was thinking of putting it in book format, but it seems to have transformed into a blog of sorts.

You can find my in-progress repurposing here (super in-progress, so don’t judge).

One struggle that I’ve overcome during this project is my worry of visualizing for my readers. I was very concerned during this project that I wouldn’t be able to communicate the awkwardness or the tension in these situations. I don’t think I’ve been doing too poorly in that aspect! I’ve been able to provide my audience with visuals through descriptive language and articulate the feeling of each situation.

In terms of what I’m still struggling with, while this is a humorous work, I do want to incorporate some bigger themes. I love making fun of my misfortunes, but for my audience’s sake, I’d love to tie in a theme of self-respect. In some of my other stories, I’m working on hinting at that theme and then BAM- bring it out and hit it home in the conclusion.

“You have to kiss a couple frogs before you find prince charming.”

Isn’t that what they say?

Whatever. I’ve done my fair share of frog-kissing.

I’m getting hyped about remediating and attempting to create some super awesome artistic *wink wink* comic. Shall be a grand old time!

Kate out.

3 thoughts to “Repurposing In Progress”

  1. Kate,
    I’m glad that things are going smoothly within your project! As for visualization, maybe including some gifs or memes could add to the humor within your blog posts. Kind of like the animation you have above, such visuals may help to further enhance both the humor and the overall theme. Also, I was a little confused on what kinds of themes you’re wanting to include within–like small teaching experiences. Are they relationship-themed or more generalized? I think this is definitely a cool idea, but wonder if it will sound too forced within the stories (but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out in a both humorous and realistic way!). Good luck with the rest of repurposing!

  2. Kate,

    This idea is so creative and I think you have made it relatable and relevant this far. I am very excited to see what you will do with the remediation of this project. I agree with Britni on using more visuals. I think since your repurposing turned into more of a blog post than a storybook, embedding memes or GIFs every once in a while could add to your comical tone. You could even use them at the very end of the story to close it off. I would like to see maybe a same intro on the home page just explaining your goals of sharing these stories. I absolutely cannot wait to read all of these, especially based off the dramatic sounding titles.

    You are a hilarious writer and I cannot wait to see how the final turns out!


  3. Kaaaate,

    I totally agree that you are nailing this project. You had some great source material to start with and you’ve definitely stretched it into something even better (and funnier). With visuals, I’m feeling what Allie and Britni are saying– gifs could be fun. At the same time, what kind of look do you want the final product to have? Would that fit the tone that you’re going for? That’s totally up to you, I think either could work really well.

    Also, I think a conclusion is a perfect idea. Your stories are so enjoyable, especially since they’re so concrete and real, but if you were to take them to a more abstract place, too, with larger lessons and ideas that tie the experiences together, I think that could take the whole piece to a new level. I like when posts like this come full circle. 🙂


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