Thoughts on ePortfolio

I really haven’t even started seriously thinking about the portfolio– it feels very far away still that I would need to start thinking about it– so now seems like a good opportunity to start.

Of the questions in the prompt, a few jumped out at me as things that I hadn’t considered (but really should) with this assignment– namely “How do you want to present yourself as a writer? Who is your ideal audience?” and “Do you want your portfolio to be organized around a guiding theme or metaphor or thesis?  How explicit do you want the theme or metaphor or thesis to be?”

Both of these types of questions wrap back into a larger question that I’d like to address about what I’d like out of this class.

Ideally, if I could use this as an organized, well-designed repository for my best writing projects of recent and coming years that I could like to resumes or my LinkedIn profile for potential employers, that would be amazing.

If it could also give the air of desperation and a massive fear of unemployment, that would be great, too.

internal screaming

I think my goal with this portfolio will be to showcase my versatility as a writer and ability to communicate concepts and arguments. If I can send it off to a hiring managers with confidence that, just by giving it a cursory glance, they will come away knowing that I am competent, creative, and have a diverse skill set within the realm of writing, then I know I will have executed this portfolio to the best of my ability.

In order to do this, I’m making some preliminary mental sketches about what the layout should be to properly convey this to my audience. Currently, I’m imagining a landing page that would have a few very general categories like, “Minor in Writing Gateway” (and later another for the capstone) for the projects completed in class, “Nonfiction Writing Samples” for the best papers I’ve completed in other classes, and “Fiction Writing Samples” for side projects that showcase the best of my creative writing abilities (not that non-fiction isn’t creative). I figure I will use the landing page as both a quick introduction to the portfolio and what its purpose is as well as an about page with my own quick bio.

Since this portfolio will have a variety of audiences (class, professors, others in the minor, potential employers), I’d like to present myself in a fairly candid but professional way. I’m figuring if I use a tone that is both conversational and competent, I can communicate myself to most any audience. This tone will play into the guiding theme of the whole blog, too. I’m hoping it will show that I am well-versed in different writing techniques, styles, and topics, but I don’t think I need to be overly explicit in this except in the landing page’s introduction.

Those are my current thoughts. Who knows how I’ll feel in a month, though.

But really, about that job.

2 thoughts to “Thoughts on ePortfolio”

  1. Sarah,

    I really like how you took a big picture approach to thinking out the ePortfolio. This post made me think more about the design I want to create especially including other work as well. I think the big picture approach is efficient and helps direct the broad questions. I think one thing I am still wondering is how else do you want to present yourself as a writer besides versatile and professional. I would like more information about that. I think one downside of a big picture format is worrying about things too far into the future such as a job. (I did laugh at the gifs though).

    Overall, it sounds like you have a well thought out plan.


  2. Sarah,
    How can I not be excited about anything you write when you always have the best GIFs in your posts (Scrubs is a weakness)?!
    I love the path that you’re taking with this project! A portfolio should not only showcase your writing, but also present your versatility as an author, storyteller, and communicator (which you mentioned).
    While there are some more specific requirements as to what you should include in the portfolio, I think that you could definitely twist this into something that you could show to potential employers, internships, or whatever.
    I do have a recommendation! While you do/will have your own portfolio, have you thought about a blog? Shelley did recommend Wix, because of the easy-to-use nature, but I think a WordPress page might be cool! I’ve done a lot with mine, and it’s super easy to navigate with writing samples.
    Kate out.

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