10 Questions I Want To Be Asked: Can you answer them anyway?

Last Thursday Prof. McDaniel had our class generate 10 questions we would want others to ask us. A few of us remained after class to finish the list, and I was intrigued by what I heard others talking about. While this is a sort of narcissistic assignment in that it is I who wants to answer these questions, I’m interested in what others would offer. Perhaps for the sake of points we can start a mini blog within this post on certain questions people find intriguing.

1. What is your idea of justice?

2. Is it more important to philosophize or engineer?

3. Why do you attend college?

4. Why isn’t everyone listening to scientists about global warming?

5. How can we make money something that’s moral, perhaps by limiting its utility, placing economic ceilings on the financial industry, or something else?

5b. Was money and banking ever moral from the time of its estimated conception during the Italian Renaissance

6. What is an experience that you would most like to have?

7. Is death as much a part of life as life itself?

8. Why did people create religion? (if you disagree that people created it just know I don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just my opinion that it is a human creation)
9. If you had billions would you be sucked into the billionaire mentality and become extremely stingy, or find it in yourself to be as egalitarian as possible?

10. If you could be incredible at three things what would they be?

One thought to “10 Questions I Want To Be Asked: Can you answer them anyway?”

  1. Hi Miles,
    I find your set of ten questions to be very interesting, particularly because it differs so much from mine. I think you did a great job countering the narcissism that can come from this sort of assignment (as you mentioned) by making the questions less about yourself and more applicable to other people. My questions were very self-centered (e.g. how is your life qualified by being a twin?), making it difficult to potentially ask these questions to anyone else. Your ten questions have a much larger potential audience, but I still think I would be able to learn about you if you chose to answer them.

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