Final E-Portfolio

This felt like an art project. Though it took time, I loved putting together my writing in a way that feels cohesive, like a full picture of my experiences with writing up until this point. In creating the website, I felt that navigation was a huge part of what I thought about. I wanted to ensure that one thing logically transitioned to the next, just like in a paper.

The place that I ran into the most challenges was detailing my process writing the re-purposing paper. I had so many ideas that came and went, and in attempting to describe how it all happened, I felt at times that it sounded to convoluted. On the other hand, I most enjoyed putting together my final re-purposing piece. Adding the multi-modal element helped it all come together well, and because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, it was not too difficult to put together.

This semester, in practicing multi-modal writing, we have exercised artistic ability. I truly feel that my creative skills have grown, and plan to use multi-modal elements in the future in creative and research papers alike. I very much look forward to reading through everybody else’s E-Portfolios! Explore mine here:

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  1. Hey Kaitlin!

    I really enjoyed your Remediation project – especially your choice of background music. I also don’t really like number ratings on music. I often watch Anthony Fantano’s reviews for new rap albums/mixtapes (, but I don’t like that he rates each album out of 10. The major issue in my mind with putting numbers on music (apart from it being very difficult/arbitrary), is that it seems to imply that certain albums are objectively and concretely better than others. I think this is a huge oversimplification.

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