Final Portfolio Fiasco

Here we are- the end of another semester, and it came much faster than I could have ever expected (as it always does).

After four semesters, that went by more quickly than I can accurately describe, I’m halfway done with college. I’m at a scary, wonderful, fantastic, exciting, horrifying, clueless place where my life is starting to fall into place (or apart…it really just depends on the day).

As said in my introduction to my eportfolio, everyone (friends and family) was pleasantly surprised when I pursued the Minor in Writing through Sweetland. Being such a goofball, particularly unfocused and lacking of a life plan, I think it was comforting for those in my life to see that I was at least trying to figure things out.

This year, whether it was in Writing 220, English 229, or the empty tables in the back corners of South Quad, I learned a lot about myself and all that I had to offer. This class, along with rowing, work, and social events, has stretched me to reach my full potential.

Nope. I’m definitely not there yet. In fact, I’m a really long ways off.

But…I’m getting there. This class has taught me about keeping myself accountable, captivating an audience, giving critiques, implementing feedback, and finding my voice.

Not to be all too cheesy, but this class has helped me realize that I have a whole lot more to say than a story about a boy crying over grilled cheese (yeah I know, that one always comes up).  I can create dialogues in new mediums, convey ideas through words on paper like I can’t through speech, and thank goodness I can take criticism and make changes based on suggestions….I was a little stubborn before…

Anyways, this class was a serious high point of the semester. Whether it was making new friends, writing good papers (or bad ones), telling stories, or just quietly working on our projects, I gained so much from this course.

So, here it is! A compilation of essays and stories, reflections and comics. The eportfolio of a semester’s work; hours and hours of revision and typing and procrastinating…er uh…uninterrupted focus!

Please enjoy.

Peace, love, and Shelley Manis.

Kate Effin’ Toporski out.

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