Finally finished my ePortfolio. I had quite the time trying to edit, re-edit, and revise every aspect. I was obsessively checking things to ensure this final project was the best it could be, so I hope everyone enjoys.

The theme of my eport is “Becoming a Writer.” I thought that it was fitting because each project exhibited new skills as I progressed throughout the year. I was worried that the theme was too general, but in the end, I felt a strong connection to the idea. When it all came together, it turned out rather nice. The reflective writing, and the overview of my work, helped provide the links between the overall theme and made my eport work.

This class has really taught me how to be involved in internet/digital publication. If you would have told me that I would actually make a video, article, multiple blog posts, and a website this year I probably would have said you’re full of shit. I am impressed by how much I learned from each of my classmates and from Shelley this year, and I’m very thankful. I really will miss this gateway course. Here is the link for my eport, thanks to everyone that helped me along the way.

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