The process of generating an eportfolio has provided me with an experience with creativity that I hadn’t had before.  This was certainly an artistic project, but it required different facets of creativity, including convincing and fluent writing, comedic and charming videography, and creating an aesthetically pleasant platform for it all.

I enjoyed the vast majority of this course. I did face the most inconvenient of technological failures towards the end of this course (only a few days ago) and it definitely tarnished my overall vision for my portfolio.  However, I have finally completed my remediation and eportfolio, the later of which I will be tweaking until perfected.  While I can’t say the end of my experience was anything other than chaotic,  I have a lot of satisfaction seeing my finished product up and running.  The gateway course has shown me that I can achieve a level of creativity from multiple angles; I’m not limited to one facet, be it exclusively writing, drawing, etc.

What I hope is that my portfolio provokes others to reach out to me and lend their thoughts about the topics I wrote about.  The daily classes this semester have, above all else, emphasized the importance of discussion.  While the same group of students I was in class with may never be in the same setting again, I hope we can continue some thread of that engaging discussion on our portfolios. Here’s mine:

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