Sweet Victory

Well I can finally say I’m finished.

*cue Drake Now & Forever*

I’m relieved because the E-Portfolio was A LOT of work, but the final result is tremendously satisfying. Now, it’s time to reflect.

Almost everything about the E-Portfolio project was entirely new to me. I have never created a website and wouldn’t exactly call myself a designer. Furthermore, I don’t think I have ever (like in my life ever) composed a project that requires so many things to be taken into consideration. It was exhausting to make sure every element of my E-Portfolio was in line with my purpose and audience. I faced numerous obstacles when completing this project, but from all that has come a great amount of new knowledge.

There are a few specific things I want to talk about. First, are the two videos on my introductory page. I have never made a video before, so there was a substantial learning curve in putting them together. I enjoyed doing them though and while they’re surely not movie quality, (literally and figuratively – I apologize for my outdated camera) I think they turned out pretty well. Also, video editing, however basic it may have been, was yet another new skill I gained from the course. Lastly, these videos are in place of the traditional “About Me”. On their own, I think they do a good job of showing my personality and telling you a lot “about me”.

Next, is my overall feeling now that I’m finished with the course. As addressed in my E-Portfolio, a lot of my classroom time was spent being grumpy (hopefully you all didn’t notice). Upon reflection, I’ve really learned a tremendous amount from this course, especially from the E-Portfolio. Compiling such an extensive project helped me develop many skills that were either lacking, or I didn’t even have in the first place. I can say for a fact that I’m emerging from this class a better writer, even if it’s not the type of writer I’m most interested in being :). But overall, this class was a wonderful learning experience.

Well I think that’s enough talking for now. Go ahead and check out my E-Portfolio. Enjoy!


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