The Last Run of Why I Write

Yesterday concluded the last class for my writing gateway course. It has been a fruitful journey with all the writings (still an ongoing journey as we are having out last stretch of the portfolio and remediation project). Particularly, the flexibility of mode and topic in the Why I Write, the Repurposing, and the Remediation process has been the foundation of many self-discoveries and self-imposed questions for me in this class. One that has constantly occupied my mind is the Why I Write project. I remembered spending hours of conversation with my friend as I moved into my multiple draft, asking why they paint, sing, dance, draw, and play guitar. Sense of inquisitiveness I concluded “eventually” for myself but I know there is something else – it was not merely a means to explore the unknown and the satisfaction of self-expression that have driven me to write. If I were to rely on writing as a means of self-expression, why not other expressive forms like singing? dancing? drawing? This was the question that has loomed over my head.

I couldn’t word the answer until last week, I was unexpectedly and very badly ill with an array of symptoms, one being an intense sore throat that caused my voice to be lost almost completely. In order to communicate, I either write or using my last bit of effort to speak in a one word per ten seconds frequency. My desire to articulate a thought well has been stronger than ever with the first means of communication. The latter made me realized it was my passion for language that drives my passion for writing in the first place. Shall I use “pointy”, “long”, or “yellow” to describe the pencil that I hope my friend to retrieve for me?  Probably yellow as it was most vivid and most closely associated with the image of pencil in my friend’s mind. It was during these moments that reminded me that decision does matter in writing, so as the linguistic and social connotations of different words and languages. Eventually, it was the vocabularies of each language that drive how we communication and perceive an object or spark another thought. There is a quote from Margaret Thatcher that I really liked: “Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they’ll become…habits. Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny.” I guess in the end, writing is a form of thought articulated and a spark of actions. So what does this mean? It means writing is not merely a means of communication and self-expression. It is fundamentally how we think, perceive, and interact with others and only history knows how writing has somehow developed itself into the system.

Time for the last run for another draft of Why I Write.

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