The end.

For maybe the first time ever, I’m sad to leave a class. I really am. Usually, my feelings about leaving a class are a little something like this:

But this class was different. I thought when I started the Minor in Writing program that I basically knew everything there was to know about writing because I was pretty good at writing essays and super naive. When we started this class, I quickly realized that I really didn’t know everything about writing. In fact, I knew very little. But that was ok, because this class taught me so much. Not the type of stuff that I would memorize for a week in the library and then forget by the middle of next week. Instead, I learned some real stuff. I learned about the importance of models, drafts, and how to take being criticized without being a grouch. This stuff was all truly life-changing as a writer. I really believe that I will carry this throughout the rest of college, and probably even through life. That’s not common for someone who just now is halfway done with college. But, again, this class was different.

Here’s the link to my eportfolio:

Hope you get as much a kick out of it as I did.

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