The Three Lists

Our in-class assignment on Tuesday involved writing lists of disciplines applicable to our repurposing and remediation assignments, as well as a list of what we need to learn/ understand better in order to successfully carry out these projects. Here are mine.



Latin American Studies 40%

Psychology 10%

Law 10%

Political Science 15%

Sociology 15%

Spanish 10%



Biology 20%

Genetics 10%

Psychology 10%

English 30%

Screen Arts 30%


Disciplines of which I need to improve my understanding:

Latin American Studies

Political Science (international relations)

Spanish (variation: regional dialects, characteristics, etc.)

Law (Immigration Law)

Screen Arts







For these lists, I focused more on content than the means I am using for each assignment. I found, however, that for remediation, I was unable to separate content from means (moving images), so I included screen arts as a necessary discipline.

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