After I submitted my final portfolio, I started thinking about all that I had done to prepare my projects.  It sort of feels like I didn’t have anything done until the very end of the course.  I think all the drafts, revisions, and planning to produce one big, elegant portfolio made me feel less like I was working on assignment after assignment like it feels for other classes.  Instead, I think I felt like I was putting in lots of legwork throughout the semester, so that when it finally came time to turn everything in, I had a lot to show.

In addition, I noticed that my portfolio felt a lot greater than the sum of its parts.  Especially because I spent a lot of time working on the aesthetic components, I put a lot more work into the semester than just writing papers, like I’m used to doing in writing based classes.  As I’ve said before, I think the format of the Gateway class was super engaging and provided a fun platform to work with.  As stressful and difficult as the class was, it was quite refreshing to work on cumulative projects rather than separate, distinct assignments.  I think it was this element that got me thinking so much about all the projects and really allowed me to step up and produce what I thought was some of my best work in college.

Does anyone else have any brief thoughts on how this class was different than others and perhaps on how that motivated you to work differently?

I enjoyed meeting all of you, and hope to interact with you guys on campus next year!

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  1. Perhaps I was too driven by the name, but I thought that this class was going to be quite writing-heavy. Instead, as Professor McDaniel has called it a couple times, this class turned out to be a practice in academic thought. I’ve never spent so much class time in discussion moment, and for the first time for me at least, I learned more in this class void of lessons or textbooks than in any of my other classes this semester. To me, it often seemed like a social experiment in how diverse students can unite and push each other to maximize their own potentials in writing and communication. That’s not to discredit Professor McDaniel and his guidance, but this class was different than most in that I felt like my peers were also my teachers, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

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