Wrapping up the Semester / Thought’s on Conrad’s Portfolio

So as I was skimming through portfolios these past few weeks, all of which are stunning, I decided to randomly pick one to comment on because I only needed 50 points and couldn’t choose which one to do. All of you are phenomenal writers and someday I might get around to telling all of you how much I love your portfolios, but for the purpose of points and finals, here are some things that I like about your portfolio, Conrad.


First of all, one of the things that really stuck out to me about this portfolio was the use of animation. The moving stars and text boxes on the home page and myth page caught my eye in a good way. They really showed you taking it to the next level and really stepping up your game. Also, while I’m on the home page, I loved the map theme you had going on there. I especially like the way you can only see the map at first, so you are given some time to process and form your own thoughts about it before you scroll down and here what you as the creator had to say about the home page. This way, you are giving your audience space, but still directing them in a helpful way.

Another thing that I loved was the use of images in your essays about each myth. It made the text seem much less daunting while tackling some big issues really well. It was great to see the short bio of the people you interviewed as well. It really emphasizes just how diverse and unique the population of Detroit is and how well you got to know these people. With interview projects, it can be easy to sort of focus on what is said rather on who is saying it, but that isn’t the case here and that is integral to your project. There certainly was a great humanistic element to the project and you emphasize it well.

Overall, it is clear you are passionate about this topic, which was the point of the project. I know that you and I talked about your project at a few different points throughout the semester, so it was nice to see it come to fruition. Well done, dude.


And well done everyone! I share Joe’s sentiment when I say that you all worked really hard and kicked some serious booty on this project! Good luck to all you seniors out there in the real world!



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