The Onion is real, and it’s spectacular

Hey guys,

This post is kind of out there, but I recently read an article in The Atlantic about how satirical news website The Onion is slowly having a real impact in the media world. Here’s the article if you want to read it in full:

Whether you read it or not, the story brought up the idea that knowledge and influence can come in a lot of different ways. I find it interesting that The Onion uses humor and fictional overstatements of current patterns to still get real news stories across. I think this ties into the many discussions that we’ve had in class about the many ways to approach the same task, and would love to hear a) your thoughts on The Onion’s presence in the news today and where it’s heading, or b) some of the effective ways you’ve used to gain an effective voice through writing (ex: humor).

Happy Summer!

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