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Durer 1508 vs Drake 2014
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Personally, I don’t religiously follow any blogs, but I definitely appreciate them, and I had fun looking for one that I thought was worthy enough for our class to follow. The blog I decided to choose for our class to take a closer look at is called, beforesixteenThe blog highlights weird similarities between hip hop artists and art created before the 16th century- because who wouldn’t automatically associate Kanye West with Henry VIII? I think the reason this blog is so good is because it’s so shocking. The juxtaposition of two things one would normally think are opposites, hip hop and old art, are shown to be shockingly similar in the pictures chosen on the blog. Because it’s so shocking, it’s not only surprising, but it’s also really funny. When things that aren’t often associated are put in conversation with each other, it’s usually comical. This is evident in all forms of humor throughout film and television, with examples like a grandma who break dances or a dog that walks on its hind legs like a human.

The audience of this blog is definitely targeted towards a younger demographic, but one that is mature enough to understand both where the old art is coming from and who the modern hip hop artists are. That being said, the blog is probably most relevant for young adults educated enough to understand the art of the 16th century, even if they’re not all that familiar with it, but also young enough to be up-to-date on Drake’s latest album artwork. If I had to define the genre of the blog, it would fall under visual art. There aren’t really any words in the posts, but the pictures completely speak for themselves. The only thing needed to explain the similarities between the 16th century art and the hip hop artists’ cover work is the juxtaposition of the two photos. If there was text, it might even take away from the simplicity of the images that are already speaking volumes.

Rebecca Soverinsky

Rebecca is a Junior (please send help for her mental state in accepting this and a walker for her aging body) studying Communications at the University of Michigan. She believes award show season is the best season (shout out to E! News) and is always willing to take on a challenge or learn something new- as long as there is Nutella involved. She hopes to learn as much as she can from the Sweetland Minor in Writing, and she's excited to see what's in store.

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  1. I have to agree with you on how the shock value really makes the blog an entertaining read. I would have never associated hip-hop artists of the world today with various paintings and people during the 16th century; that thought never crossed my mind. It was funny to compare figures of historical royalty with musicians of the world today who are not afraid to express themselves. The fact that this blog had no words (save for the descriptions of the pictures at the bottom) made it even funnier, as it allowed me to focus more on the pictorial comparisons. Overall, I very much enjoyed this blog and can’t wait to see what further comparisons they make.

  2. I loved this blog! I especially love that though using humor, the blog aims to create connections between hip hop (a modern day art form) and 16th century art. I also really liked the fact that the demographic isn’t so specific. Yes, the demographic that listens to music is largely a pretty young crowd, but the blog is designed in such a way that anyone in any age group can appreciate it. I also really like that this blog is image based! It makes it really aesthetically pleasing.

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