Numbers Never Lie*

In terms of news from the worlds of sports and economics, nobody does it quite like FiveThirtyEight. It was this past Winter Semester where I learned of in my ECON 195 class here at Michigan, and I continue to get a kick out of the incredible varieties of content the site publishes for a given reader. FiveThirtyEight is primarily known for being an ESPN-run blog dedicated to connecting complicated statistical data to the ever-changing worlds of American politics and sports, but in my opinion the site provides so much more than that. For example, I admire the thought-provoking topics and the unpredictable questions the site takes on, such as when editor-in-chief Nate Silver “analyzed 6 million flights to figure out which airports, airlines and routes are most likely to get you there on time and which ones will leave you waiting” or other topics, such as a personal favorite of mine, regarding the number of available jobs relating to the American poverty level which can be found here: The target audience of FiveThirtyEight, in my experience with the blog, would extend anywhere from an individual who enjoys not just your ordinary political, economic, life, sports, and life blog articles, but extensions of complex and often overlooked facets of our society that many of us had never before considered. I would certainly give anyone interested in learning more about statistical models and theoretical data the green light to check out FiveThirtyEight. You will discover answers to questions you never knew existed, and questions to answers you had once thought were the true norm. Because, after all, numbers never lie*


The Latest from Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight can be found here:

Henry Khederian

Student, Resident Advisor, Mentor. University of Michigan, Class of 2017.

2 thoughts to “Numbers Never Lie*”

  1. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for your blog post! I always like learning about new blogs to follow, and FiveThirtyEight seems right up my alley. I wouldn’t even consider myself particularly interested in statistical model and theoretical data but your point about often overlooked facets of our society that many of us had never before considered struck me.

    One of my favorite authors is Malcolm Gladwell, and I think he does a fantastic job of analyzing overlooked facts in society, similar to the ways that FiveThirtyEight does in their posts. Have you ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s books? The most popular are “Tipping Point” and “Outliers”. I would definitely suggest that you check them out if FiveThirtyEight produces the type of content that intrigues you.

    1. All admit I find the categories odd. Like I love sports, but I would be taken aback to stumble upon a blog that focuses mostly on science, politics, and sports. I’m not a huge fan of ESPN for sports news so I might actually check out this blog once March roles around. I’ll probably share this blog with my dad. Also, I see this post about March madness predictions, so I’ll take this time to plug myself and admit that I predicted that Duke would win the championship on my bracket.

      Anyway….I kind of agree with what Caroline said, I’m not very interested in statistical models/theoretical data, however I do feel like this blog makes them more accessible to a general viewership interested in the topics presented. You definitely contribute to the diversity of this class…mostly because you’re not raving about instagram like I was in my post. I’m actually surprised & kind of sad I haven’t heard for FiveThirtyEight before this.

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