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Rookie mag ( is one of my favorite blogs, and I’ve been an avid reader from its inception. Tavi Gevinson originally started fashion blog when she was a sophomore in high school. It was a pretty standard fashion blog in format, but the international fashion community became enthralled by this pint-sized fashion prodigy. She traveled to countless fashion weeks, and met with the fashion world’s most coveted icons. Yet in 2013, she started rookiemag, a new franchaise in which she completely reinvented her blog to resemble something that looked much more like an online magazine publication.

Each month there is a theme, and all of the articles put out that month have to do in some way with that particular theme. These themes range from ‘mulitiplicity’ (this month’s) to ‘up all night’ to ‘trust.’ The articles incorporate these themes in a vast variety of ways, some expected and some a little less clear in their connection. Readers can click on each issue and read the articles posted each day for that month, or they can click through the “category” section in which they have articles written under categories titled things like “beauty,” “dear diary,” or “live through this.” Some of the articles are written about current cultural phenomena, some are written about fashion and beauty, and others are articles of advice. The entire publication is geared toward young high school and college aged women. Though there are many different writers who contribute blog posts, the publication has a really clear voice directed toward young women. None of the articles feel preachy (which I feel frequently when I read Elite Daily) or too dry. There is a really nice range of articles from different categories, all of which feel relatable to my particular demographic. I also like the fact that there is a nice mix between serious articles about sensitive topics such race, abuse, or politics, and fun blog posts about music and fashion. It captures the complex range of interests that any young woman might have.

In addition to the content, the blog is incredibly well designed, featuring hand-drawn icons and a vintage color-palette. The illustrated icons next to each article really attract the reader and the entire publication is overall aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, I like this blog because I think it speaks to a very specific audience in every way – both through content and design.

Lauren Diamond

Lauren Diamond is a Junior at the University of Michigan and a Political Science Major.

2 thoughts to “RookieMag”

  1. I’ve never seen this blog before, but I really love it! I especially like how you mentioned it’s not as preachy as Elite Daily articles because, although I do love Elite Daily, I would have to agree that sometimes they feel like they’re a bit preachy. I also love that the blogger started out as any other blogger and slowly evolved into this figure that both the fashion and online world has come to respect and highly regard. The mixture of story topics ranging from serious to more light hearted themes seems to perfectly target the demographic the blog aims to reach. As young adults, we’re interested in a range of ideas and emotions, and so, the scale of serious- less serious themes perfectly encapsulates the varying interests and moods of the young adult demographic.

  2. Despite not being a member of the blog’s target audience, I enjoyed perusing through the blog and looking through the various topics that are presented. For me, what really stood out was the diversity in theme that you mention; most of the blogs that I have gone through generally stick to one type of genre. They really doesn’t expand beyond this, which I suppose is so that they can keep their target audience loyal. The fact that Rookie Mag incorporates a wide variety of themes and applies them to their blog is what I enjoyed most in this blog. The mix of content that the blog also grabbed my attention, since most blogs generally utilize the same content. Being able to sift through serious topics in one instance to fun and heartening posts in another is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of the blog. It allows the blog to be a jack of trades and appeal to an even greater target audience, rather than simply limiting itself by focusing on one specific point of discussion.

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