What are Multimodal Projects?

Let’s pretend for a minute that I do in fact know what a multimodal project is (even after reading Ch. 1, twice) and pretend like this picture was all part of my grand scheme. rctpu

Something that I usually take for granted are the days in which I happen to run into my roommate at the fishbowl, which follows with the usual “You wanna grab a bite”, or the not so usual, yet occasionally heard “You wanna see some memes?” Memes, memes have taken over the internet. If I had to guess I would say that about a third of the internet is filled with memes (the other two thirds are an entirely different blog post). Memes are nothing short of an internet phenomenon, one that uses at least three of the modes discussed in the reading. The use of language is key, however so too is the picture and the gesture. The language provides a backstory, while the image, along with the gesture, allows for a certain feeling to be conveyed. The one above for example is used to not only describe my confusion, but display it in a bit of an exaggerated way.

The second application that I wanted to mention, was one that I use to regularly use when I still had free time. It’s called Steam. For all the gamers out there, you already know where I’m going with this. Steam is a free program that allows you to buy games that you can play from your computer. It’s basically a Gamestop on your desktop. The program is something that I never really looked too closely at, but now, I think that they have a genius marketing plan.  The visual aspect of Steam is stunning, it will make the user feel like they are in some command module. Communication is just as important, there is a community of gamers that rates games and writes reviews. Much like a magazine, there are different areas in this program that are each dedicated towards different audiences within the community. There is a forum for example that allows people to trade games, sell inventory, or communicate with other players.

Lastly, I wanted to mention a website that a good majority of people will probably know, but due to legal boundaries in the university is considered a big no-no while on campus. To provide just a little bit of insight I will say this, when I go home for vacation, and have the best internet known to man,  I’m essentially Blackbeard. Anyway, one thing that I’m sure is legal here on university grounds is Netflix. Netflix allows people to stay up to date with their favorite TV shows and movies, if that isn’t advertising, I don’t know what is. What I find pleasing to the eye about Netflix is that there is a selection of different thing that you might want to watch depending on your previously viewed media. Spatially there is order in this site, the best or most popular selections are on your right, and descend in order. Much like when reading text. The layout, which is similar to Steam’s layout, gives the illusion that there is an infinite supply of videos that you could potentially watch, all within a click of a button. The words used are just as effective as they are scarce. Bold titles display a category, which carry meaning decidedly on what your history is. Movie posters are also there to drag you into a world that can at times be immersive, which may or may not lead to a drop in your gpa (I know, I’ve been there).

One thought to “What are Multimodal Projects?”

  1. Hi, Alfredo! First of all, I love that you brought memes into this conversation. I have never thought that hard about memes or how/why they work, but now I know it’s the multimodality. Without the linguistic component, a meme would just be a picture. Without the visual component, a meme would just be a sentence that doesn’t have any context. Without the gestural component, a meme wouldn’t be as funny. It is the combination of all three that contribute to the meme’s overall success!
    Second, Netflix. I agree with you that the spatial mode is crucial to the way user’s experience the website. Also, the different categories make it extremely easy to navigate as well. The other day, I (very regretfully) finished the last season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (don’t judge me please) available on the site. It was a moment of panic. I thought I could never move on! Fortunately, Netflix made this very easy. I simply had to look at the “Because you watched ‘The Vampire Diaries'” tab to cure my heartbreak. This tab immediately gave me a very long list of possible other shows to watch. Thank goodness.

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