Writers Who Write About Writing

It may or may not be true that the vast majority of blogs I follow can be defined as, well, “personal blogs”, which I suppose do not satisfy this blog post assignment! But alas, I do follow a few professional, perhaps more high end appearing blogs with authors out to make a living. Krisnoel is one of these blogs! As a writer, it is no surprise that I read a few writing dedicated blogs just to stay in the loop, and to learn some useful tips. Kris Noel, a blogger based out of Burbank, California, has a knack for gathering a variety of fiction tips and tricks from around the web and depositing them right in one nifty space.

Her posts focus mainly on fiction writing, but span a number of writing genres as well.

Of course many of these tips are original, and written by Kris herself. I have followed her blog for awhile and she always remains active and informational.

This blog is especially useful and relevant to the group, considering we are all here to become better writers. But becoming a better fiction writer, well, that one is up to you.

So if you are ever struggling with characterization, plot points, references or the such, no need to beat yourself up.


You now know where to look.


Rachel Hutchings

Los Angeles born, Ann Arbor raised. I'm a film student at the University of Michigan and an ardent music junkie on the side. I'm sure you'll catch me at local gigs around town.

2 thoughts to “Writers Who Write About Writing”

  1. Hey Rachel, this seems like a great resource for when I am plotting my next creative story. Although I think personal blogs fit the assignment as well and would love to hear about those! Anywho, I am especially interested in fiction writing and hope to write a novel one day – now I know where to go when I am struggling. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Same here Rachel. I’m super into creative writing, and I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration. It’s exciting to find new places for advice and also new people who are passionate about fiction writing. This reminds of NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. The organization brings together people together who are into creating their own novels. A lot of people work on creative writing; you might be interested. Check it out.

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