Blah (or My Process)

My process for the repurposing assignment is like anything else in my life: disorganized and all over the place.  I alternate between flashes of inspiration and the feeling that I’ve hit yet another dead-end in a maze.

In class I was split between writing a  feature piece, like something published in the The Times, or a personal narrative. Currently, I have this idea to blend the two genres because my running theme is essentially personal vs. politics.  When talking about the politics of the Yugoslavian war, I could take on the removed, researched style; then insert my personal story in between.

I have a vague mental blueprint of how this could work. First, by including dates/time periods, I can parallel the executive or legislative actions occurring in the Yugoslavian government with something personal that was happening at the same time. For example, if my family escaped to the refugee camps in the summer of 1996, I can write about that experience as well as what was happening in the government while they were running. However, I’m not sure how to combine these two different bodies of writing in a clever, intertwining way. Are writers even allowed to have multiple voices?

This project will require a ton of research. To start, I think it would be best to find out what was happening each month and year during the war and create a timeline. Then, move on to interviewing family, friends, and other war veterans and compile a similar timeline.

I’d like to use pictures from my old photo albums throughout the piece to incorporate the visual aspect of multimodality. In the Pulitzer Prize feature writings, I noticed the authors post a large attention-grabbing picture before their passage and then scatter pictures with captions throughout. But I’d like to do more with the pictures, like making a virtual photo album or make them more interactive. I haven’t thought about these aspects yet at all.

In short, I kind of feel like that mouse in Who Moved My Cheese that kept running around until he found cheese.

Dad, second from the right, a couple years before going off to fight on the front line.
Dad, second from the right, a couple years before going off to fight.

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  1. Lorena,

    I love the idea of using a timeline as an objective, research based background that runs alongside your and your family’s personal story. In the example Pulitzer Prize winner you showed Maddy and me in class today, it looked almost as if there was a series of pictures running down the side of the page that each displayed more information when clicked on– do you think you could incorporate something like that into your piece? Include one of your photos, and then when pressed on, have text appear over it giving a research based, impersonal account of the context surrounding that picture (each picture representing a particular date or occurrence)?

    This is just an idea (a sloppy one at that), but it might be a way for you to fuse a removed and a personal perspective in the piece. I’m also not totally sure how you could make links and pictures interact in the way that I described above, but you might be able to find some answers about it (or other ideas you have) online.

    I think it’s fantastic that you’re merging a personal narrative with a more objective view of this event. To be honest, I think most people are more interested in learning about the past when they can see the human elements of it. They’d rather hear how these events affected people’s lives than simply what happened, but it’s still important for them to know the context surrounding those human stories. I’m so excited to see what you come up with– I’m sure it will be great!

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