Change of Direction

So I’ve decided to change topics for a variety of different reasons. Primarily, I wasn’t really ‘feeling’ my other topic. I think that while the homeless sure are an interesting population with stories worth hearing, my brand of writing and lack of journalistic expertise (or desire to do it), would do them much justice.

What I want to focus my energy on, for the semester is satire. One part of the project that I intend to work on is a short story that is satirical in nature. Then I intend to make a discourse about the various ways one can use the art of satire to amuse (or provoke) a group of individuals. I find the use of satire to be very new to me, however I also find it very interesting. I like that the us of it can be subtle enough for certain people to understand it, yet can be harsh enough to provoke change, or at the very least a lasting reaction.

To reiterate, the first part of the intended project is to be a short story that uses satire to demonstrate the realities of animal abuse. I’ll go further into detail with this as time goes on. I want to take this approach with the story to further develop my skill with¬†satire, which to date I have none. Regardless of which, the short story will then develop into the second part of the project,which will be to illustrate the ways that satire is used effectively, as well as when it is appropriate to use it. I want to undertake this part of the project mainly in part so that I can better understand and identify when satire is at play. One thing that I have noticed with the use of satire is that it can go one of two ways. Either you do such a good job that it gets your point across, or you do a half decent job and manage to start Word War 3, (pun intended) through the internet, which I would very much like to avoid ¬†if at all possible. While on the topic, I want to point to certain things that writers should avoid when writing a satire, as well as when satire differs from say, hypocrisy.

One thing that I do need help on, is the way that I go about doing the short story. While I have been exposed to short stories before, I have very little experience with them. If it helps, i was thinking of reading a bunch of short stories to understand the general flow of what is expected and how to direct my audience that direction.

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