Language Barrier.

For the writer’s evolution essay, I tried to find something that was consistent throughout all of my previous assignments. To do that, I had to go back and remember how I felt about writing them. I went through each class, and kind of figured out whether or not I enjoyed any amount of writing for that course. If I did, I tried to explain why, and vice versa for if I didn’t. By the time I was done, I realized that the majority of the work I liked were topics that interested me, and it turns out, those topics that I thought would be easiest to write a story out of. In other words, regardless of what the actual assignment was, if I could some how make it seem like a story, or at least explain things in a story like structure, I enjoyed what I was doing.

However, I have a problem. If there is any topic that interests me more than any other it is sports, especially baseball. I played the sport 8 years, and was inspired to major in Spanish because I thought it would give me the best chance of finding a job in the sport. So needless to say, getting the chance to write about baseball, and how it has become a multicultural game for latinos. It was easily the most enjoyable analysis paper I have ever written. It allowed me to learn more about the history of the sport, and how the sport is constantly growing in latin american countries. I was able to make a story out of it by focusing on the history of the sport and then jumping to some of the issues that former Latino stars have faced. It was work, but it was still fun.

There is a problem though, I am not 100% sure if I can or should even use this essay for my writer’s evolution essay. This is because the entire thing is in Spanish. I did this assignment for an upper level Spanish class that gave me the chance to pick any topic I wanted and write about it. It was really rare for me to get this kind of freedom. Yet because it was in Spanish, I don’t know how I can give this as an example or a source in the essay. I can only imagine how insanely difficult it would be for someone who doesn’t remotely understand Spanish to read in english for several pages, then out of nowhere a few lines of Spanish come into play. It’s hard for me to even flip that switch in my head, and I’ve been studying and practicing the language for years.

I want to include this essay as a source, but the potential language barrier for readers is a problem I don’t want anyone to have.

Clarence Stone

A sports fanatic from Detroit Michigan. The moment I put a pencil to paper, I realized that writing was something that I cared about, and I can't wait to become better.

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  1. This is a really interesting insight and maybe this issue can be made into a strength for your paper. Perhaps you can speak about the challenges of tackling a topic you felt so strongly about in a different language. If you provided a translation of the analysis that might be an intriguing insight into whether that made your realize anything about your english writing. I was speaking with a few of my friends the other day who are Spanish majors while they were working on a paper. They had a really interesting perspective on how their challenges with Spanish papers made them realize both strengths and weaknesses in their English papers. You could also talk further about the subject of baseball itself and more about why you connect so deeply to this particular topic. Regardless I think there are some really great insights here and I’m sure it will end up making your paper even more dynamic and interesting!

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