Research or Reflection?

I’m still torn. Do I want to write a speech: the form I’m most comfortable with, and the form that I think I could execute with the utmost passion? Or do I challenge myself by doing a TEDtalk. I love the idea of being able to access the resources available to us at the MLB, but I also dread the idea of walking all the way there on a bitter cold day. What will I be more proud of? What will be more fulfilling? I won’t really know until I do some more research.

First step: watch TED talks until I fall asleep. Second step: Google speeches on sexual misconduct until my eyes burn. Just kidding! But, I will be doing some extensive research before I start to design my re-mediation. If I do a speech I won’t need to exercise the mock-up and storyboard methods, however, if I do a TEDtalk I will need to do a Storyboard. Which, I imagine will turnout much like a comic, where I draw a stick figure of myself with a screen behind, and certain jokes that will be built into my lecture, jokes that are times perfectly with the presentation I’ll create. This is turning into a tentative pros/cons list, which probably isn’t such a bad thing. Here’s an example of something my storyboard would look like:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 6.52.10 PM

And when I do inevitably decide, on a speech, maybe, whose voice am I using? Mine, Or, the voice of an administrator? I wish I could say that the class gave my substantial input, but I got some mixed reviews. I guess for now I’m hoping for a moment of clarity, or an epiphany before it’s too late.

That might be a lofty thing to ask—for creative inspiration and direction out of thin air. But, I guess that’s what every creative decision stems from, right? Either way, I will be doing a re-mediation project, and whatever I decide I’ll need to have a pretty intense drafting process—taking into account the many different conventions of each genre. A speech is more of a call to action, speaking to the student about the body, and a TEDtalk is still a call to action, but from me to those that I think are in danger or are bystanders, or are victims or perpetrators of sexual misconduct on this campus. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold up my end of this rhetorical bargain; I might not be ready for that just yet.

But, Lyndsay Anderson had the strength to talk about it: . Maybe I’ll be able to handle talking about it for 10-15 minutes. Maybe, I won’t be able to.

2 thoughts to “Research or Reflection?”

  1. Hi Kit,
    I think it’s interesting when you say that all creative decisions stem from “inspiration and direction out of thin air.” I think I agree with you. While working on these writing 220 projects, and other creative work, I find myself repeatedly just “winging it.” Rather than thinking too much beforehand and planning out every step of the way, I jump into the creative process and see where my instincts take me. Maybe you should just start writing, and see what form – speech or ted talk – your ideas naturally assume the shape of. It sounds like there will be different things gained and lost either way, but what is the most important message or aspect of this assignment that you are unwilling to sacrifice? Perhaps if you dive in and start writing in the style that compels you most your decision will be made for you.

    That being said, I don’t think you would regret doing a ted talk and trying something new. That’s what this class is about right? If you are comfortable with the speech genre, you will probably gain a lot of new insight and useful skills by entering into a somewhat different stylistic realm.

  2. Hey Kit! I think both the TED talk and a speech are fantastic options to get your message out there. Reading your post and listening to you in class, I think you have some great passion for speeches and that’s what you want to do. So if you do that I think you’ll do a great job. However, I think the power of a TEDtalk versus a speech is the ability to connect with your audience and make them remember your presentation for a long time. I’ve listened to a lot of speeches, and a bunch of TED talks, and unlike many speeches, I almost always remember what the TED presenter had to say. So in your project I think you have to consider whether you can give a “call to action” and also connect with your audience at the same time. If you can do that in a speech, then I think you should go for it. If not, I think you would give a great TED talk too!

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