Signing the Blackout Pact

So I should probably start by mentioning that I’ve decided to drop my old re-purposing project altogether to pursue a whole new idea. I am honestly not even sure if I would have been able to pull off a fictional narrative featuring some of the most famous mythical characters of all time. What I mean is I don’t know what aspects I would have introduced that could have made my own depiction of an epic tale anymore interesting than it already is. Like, two time academy award winning director Wolfgang Peterson already did in “Troy”. Not only that, but he also had Brad fucking Pitt starring in the film as Achilles.


Anyway, I’ve elected to pursue another re-purposing idea. Last year I wrote a paper for my sociology class where I used observational field notes to compare and contrast my experiences at a frat party while intoxicated and while sober. I’d like to expand on some of those ideas and turn it into a personal reflection focused on the blackout culture that exists at Michigan and most other major universities. I just feel as if I would have a lot to say on the subject considering I live through these types of scenarios weekly, and also am passionate about efforts encouraging students, particularly those within Greek Life, to recognize the fine line between having a good time and slowly developing substance abuse problems.

I don’t mean to be a hypocrite about it either. I am just as guilty as any hyper-social college student of the type of antics that I’ll be looking to write about as I further my exploration of the new age blackout culture in question. I’ve woken up in strange places an unhealthy amount of times, and have forgotten meeting new people so often that its amounted to nothing short of an embarrassment. I guess what I’m looking to examine with my work is “why?”.

Why does working so hard in the library/classroom all week elicit the need to purposely get belligerently drunk? Is it really because we’ve pushed our minds to their limits and now this the only way we know how to unwind and let go of the stresses accompanying our 16 credit course loads? Or rather is it just about succumbing to the cultural pressures which instruct us to work hard, and play harder?

I thoroughly believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting reckless on Thursday nights at Skeeps. We’re in college and although our education comes first, there’s no doubt that many of us intend to live while we’re young. I know I do. But the fact remains that there’s an uncompromising difference between being an irresponsible college kid and making a conscious decision to drink yourself to oblivion the moment you walk out of that last discussion section on Thursday afternoon.

I suppose my personal thoughts and relationships with this blackout culture I keep referring to could make my re-purposing project a bit of a personal reflection. A reflection that I think a lot of people could relate to. But I’d also like to frame it in such a way that incorporates the thoughts of others. Either way though, I think the route I’ll end up taking will be a personal narrative on my experiences within social life here at Michigan.

And with that, I’ll sign off with a banger that proves the existence of a trend that actually encourages you to consume alcohol until you’re a liability to yourself and everyone around you. Oh yeah, and my social organization was almost responsible for bringing one of these degenerates to Michigan to perform his music. Sorry still not sorry.


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