Twitter is Weird

This may come as a surprise, but I’m pretty anti-social(and yes that’s the joke). Anyway, when I say that I am new to Twitter, that is no understatement. I had actually never been to Twitter before two, maybe three days ago.

Even so it seems pretty straight forward. I think that the only thing that will be slightly hard in this project will be emulating the voice of the characters through the Twitter format. I say character because I’m (stealing Shelley’s idea) of making multiple accounts for different character to make an online tweet war.

Something that I will need to research extensively is how to convert one character that I had in mind, seeing that he is…he’s complicated(racist) . The problem with this will most likely arise from the personifying of his ideas through a public outlet such as Twitter. I intended for him to support different organizations that are not so friendly(hopefully you get the idea), but I need to understand the pros and cons of that. I need to take into account the gain, as well as the possibility that it could horribly backfire. The very last thing I want is for my character to become a hate group’s personal mascot.

In terms of the reading, I don’t think that a story board is the best way to go, so I’ve been doing a mock up. Everything on there seems to point to fluidity in a website, which I am not entirely sure I can do that with Twitter, I still need to play around with it some more. If anything, the format of the site will stay the same, but it’s the content that’s important anyway so that shouldn’t hinder anything. I think that as long as the page is easy to follow by the Twitter standard(which I still need to figure out) it should be ok. Knocks on wood*.

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  1. Hi Alfredo!
    I want to commend you on choosing something you are unfamiliar with, I think its great that you’re challenging yourself! And I also love the Twitter battle between your characters idea. I think there is so much potential for really developing your characters through their individual tweets, replies, and bios. I think it could even be cool to allow them to retweet things from organizations or ideas you want their personalities to convey. For your racist character, I am sure there are plenty of racist accounts on Twitter and I don’t think your’s will generate much hate. If it does, however, you can also Direct Message the person who felt put down by your tweets and explain to them that what you are doing is not advocating your personal views, but those you’ve generated for a class project.

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