Who looks good on camera??

So an overview – for my remediation project I am thinking about taking my open letter to Michigan students and turning it into a news report/video. I’ve edited videos before and combined them, however I have never recorded my own video and edited it. So the first problem I’m going to encounter is getting a camera and finding someone to either record or be recorded. The next issue I’m having is what I want the genre of the video to be. Do I want this to be a rant, a documentary-style piece, or a commercial? These are all things I need to take into consideration. I’m very very nervous about the time commitment that I’ve set for myself. If the next few weeks are anything like the last couple have been, I will not have a ton of time to devote myself to this project. This is something I want to prioritize however, because I’m really interested in creating something unique and (hopefully) publishable.

Where do I even start this project? Do I create a storyboard and a script? What do I want to say? Will I be reading a document or speaking freely or memorizing something? Will even be the one speaking or do I want someone to represent my ideas for me? What do I even look like on camera speaking to people…

Will I focus this video solely on Michigan student’s reactions and opinions regarding school shootings? How will I interview enough people?

There are so many ideas running through my head. I need to organize my thoughts and realistically come up with a project that I will be able to complete. I’m nervous that I’ve already bitten off more than I can chew.

Here is a link to a video that I find particularly moving: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/democracy-eyed-as-way-around-nra-on-gun-laws-547620419548

I think I might want to model my video off of her, with a few key changes.

  1. I want to include interviews from other students around campus to bring the topic closer to the viewer.
  2. I want to speak less as a rant and more as an eye-opening voice
  3. I think the video would be more moving if it was filmed outside of a known U of M building instead of at a desk.

Overall, at this point, I would love some feedback on what students would want to watch in regards to this topic. Would you be more likely to click on a news video posted somewhere similar to the Michigan Daily or a video from the Odyssey or a viral video off youtube? What would you want to see in this video? What would draw you in as a viewer?

Here is my favorite Halloween gif to cheer up all of the people out there who are struggling through midterms (mostly myself).

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Lexi Wung

Lexi is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Psychology with minors in Writing and Entrepreneurship. She will be joining the Teach For America Baltimore Corps after graduation to teach High School English. She will also be receiving her masters degree concurrently from Johns Hopkins.

One thought to “Who looks good on camera??”

  1. Lexi,
    I think it’s a great idea to transition your project into less of a rant and into more of an “eye-opening voice”. Also, I don’t think you need to worry about acquiring some camera equipment for your broadcast due to all the resources Michigan make this type of equipment available to students. And if you want my opinion, I’d stay away from The Odyssey only because of the less serious company your video might be found in. You’ve got a strong message to share, and I think it’ll appeal to the most people if it is shared through a more serious medium.

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