E-portfolio dreams!

Coming into Writing 220, the course aspect I was most excited about was the opportunity to create at E-portfolio. I have created and deleted countless blogs, always before actually letting people read what I have written, and I am excited to finally make one that will be seen (and hopefully give me the courage to putting my writing out there for real). There are many aspects of my E-portfolio that I have been thinking about–the background, the fonts, the navigation, the images I incorporate. I can’t wait to make it mine. I want it to scream Sophia.

On pages 108 and 109 in Writer/Designer, the authors give a list of things to plan for when making an Interactive/Animated Project Rough Cut, which I think translates to an E-portfolio. The list includes these elements: Major pages, slides, screens, or scripts found or created; multimedia assets edited for purpose and length; navigation and organization is in place; and the draft is available for feedback. Thinking through this list, I now realize it is going to take a long time to build the E-portfolio I want. I have a long way to go, but here are some ideas:

Major pages/slide/screens/scripts: Most, if not all, of the pages included in my portfolio will be projects from Writing 220. These will be my original piece, Major Project 1, Major Project 2, Why I Write, a home page, an About Me page, and maybe a couple others.

Multimedia Assets: I hope to include images of my dad and I from when he was still alive somewhere in my portfolio. I think this might be possible in my About Me or Why I Write pages. The other multimedia asset I will have is whatever my Remediation project turns out being. Right now, it could either be an online story book or a podcast of myself reading the poem.

Navigation/Organization: Since my E-portfolio will be a website, I will have navigational tabs on the top of it where viewers can move between elements.

Draft Availability: Non-existant! I messed around with Wix a little white ago, but not since I have become more firm in my dreams for the site. This is what the first run looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.46.21 PM

I am excited to see where it ends up ­čÖé

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