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This week I started playing around on iMovie, since that is the medium I will hopefully be using for my repurposing project. I am not very technologically savvy, so honestly I’m still having trouble figuring it out. However, I realized that one way I can make this project a little easier on myself, is by using mostly still images. In iMovie, there is a way to upload images and basically create a slideshow (I’m still working out the kinks but at least now I know it’s possible). There is only one segment of my video in which I would really like to use some clips I find from the internet. Hopefully, I will be able to figure this out because I think it would add a nice visual element to the video.

Creating my storyboard helped me realize that I can use the still-image function on iMovie for the bulk of it. This made me feel a lot more comfortable with the software and was honestly a huge relief! I will still have to decide which images, text, and background music (or sound) I will want with these images, but I feel like it’s a little more manageable than solely working with video footage. If I cannot figure out how to incorporate news clips, I realized that I can just use a still image with pictures of recent headlines, which will give essentially the same effect.

I found some iMovie workshops that are available this month and I think it may be beneficial for me to attend one. However, I worry that most of the workshop will entail editing video footage, which I am trying to avoid in making my video. Regardless though it could provide some helpful hints that will make me more comfortable with using the software in general. I think it would be most helpful to find someone who will sit down with me one-on-one and answer questions I have that may be unique to my project. If anyone knows of someone offering this kind of service let me know!

Overall, after trying out iMovie I am still a little nervous to use this software, but I think I will be able to figure it out with some help.

Lauren Diamond

Lauren Diamond is a Junior at the University of Michigan and a Political Science Major.

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  1. Hi Lauren! My gateway remediation project was the first time I had ever used iMovie seriously, and I also felt super overwhelmed by it at first. I found most of the helpful resources I used on YouTube, by basically searching stuff like “How to _____ on iMovie”. I also incorporated a lot of news clips in my project, by ripping the clips from YouTube using an online Youtube to Mp4 converter, and then importing those Mp4s into iMovie. I’d strongly recommend searching around on YouTube because you should be able to find some helpful tutorials.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you figured out an easy and effective way to use iMovie in making your remediation project! I think that spending more time using the software, even if it’s not with the intention of creating a final product, would help you a lot. You could just throw in random pictures and video clips to try and figure out exactly what you are trying to do before taking on the bigger task of your project and all of the photos and clips you want to include. If you do go to a workshop you could try and ask specific questions about using mainly images. I have never been to one so I don’t know if they have to follow a set lesson or if they are open to questions, but either way I think you would learn a lot from going to one.

  3. Reading this made me explore iMovie a little bit. I actually really liked the software. The learning curve was manageable. Its more user friendly, where as Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign seem to be a free for all. I almost decided to do a video, but I wasn’t sure I could find a happy medium length wise. I do think that a video is a good platform for your message, so I’m glad you’ve chosen that medium.

    This may sound ridiculous, but is something like prezi a good alternative? On another note, is it possible to download the videos you want to be in your video? Because if you import videos, which I’m sure you can, I don’t think you’ll have much a problem.

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