New Endings, New Beginnings

Despite the three consecutive sunny and 70 degrees days in November, all good things must eventually come to an end, and thus, the repurposing project wraps up and we transition to the remediation project. I’m honestly not sure whether to dread this project or to be excited for it… one thing is sure though, it will be unlike any writing assignment I’ve ever done before.

Having written lyrics to a song for my repurposing project, the obvious remediation approach would be to turn said lyrics into an actual song. A few of my friends and myself have messed around with making music before, utilizing the Duderstadt Library’s audio studio capabilities, and it would definitely be fun to make a beat for the track, and master it and what not. If I took this route, I’m not sure if I’d want to perform the song myself (something I have next to no experience with) or have a friend do it instead, while I just master and produce it. But honestly, I probably am leaning towards the former, because even with the lack of experience, I ended up writing some fairly personal lyrics, and so it only makes sense that I’d perform them myself, whether or not the skill is there.

The next question is, do I try to pursue this to it’s next logical step (a music video) for this project? Recording a song AND making it into a video would be a lot of work, but I actually do have some preliminary experience editing videos as well, so I’d just have to find someone willing to film and get an idea for it. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, as well as the original source that I repurposed, I consider the medium of music videos to have a lot of promise, and so it could be fun to try to create something like that myself rather than just analyze someone else’s work. Fun indeed, but also probably immensely more difficult than Director X makes it look.

Finally, I have the option to just more or less scrap all my repurposing work and take this in a different direction. One idea I had was a sort of documentary about how difficult it was for me writing a song, complete with interviews from my songwriter friends about their own processes and what not. To be honest, this feels like the safest choice for me. But at the same time, safe isn’t always better? I guess it’s just going to take some soul-searching and re-examination of how happy I was with my finished repurposing project before I make any sort of decision.

But if I do pick the former… y’all better cop that fire hot mixtape when it drops.

3 thoughts to “New Endings, New Beginnings”

  1. Hey Chad,

    This is a really interesting post, and I enjoy the insight you provide on where you may be taking this project. I agree that now that we’re actually focusing on the remediation project, I too have little idea about which direction I will be going. I have a general idea, but it is all over the place at the moment. Both of your ideas here are good, but if you want my opinion as a random person with an opinion, the former idea (music video) sounds much better. I think if you went the documentary route, you may run into some obstacles like how to storyboard it, who to interview other than your friends, editing a longer video, and etc. That’s not so bad, but I’ve heard from people who make longer videos that having experience makes it much easier, especially on the time crunch we have of a month. And it is also the politically correct, boring school approach right! You could do this beat and maybe the video and really showcase your creative abilities. It is personal, yes, but you have the ability to mix in emulations of your favorite rappers as you try to incorporate your writing into a different genre. You can do whatever you want. You can make multiple beats and experiment with the power of a beat to change how a song sounds. You can make polyrhythms with bongo drums or adele-esc beats made from sampling old Aretha Franklin sounds onto your hot new track. I don’t know.

  2. Hi Chad,
    First of all I will definitely “cop that fire hot mix tape when it drops, yo.” Out of fellow writing minor support, and also, for my own entertainment. I think you should take a risk with this project. I say, go for it! You should record the song, and film it, and edit it and see what happens! I think it would be so much more fulfilling, for you as a writer, to see something you haven’t had a ton of experience with pan out (even if it’s not impeccable) rather than play it safe with something you feel more comfortable with. As cheesy as it sounds, the only way we can grow is if we push ourselves to do so. I think you’ll definitely gain and refine a lot of skills taking a risk in producing both a song and video, rather than playing it safe with a different option.

  3. I absolutely agree with Wyatt and Becca. It will be much more fulfilling for you to make this music video, and have it be completely terrible (which I think totally won’t happen), than to take the safe–and perhaps boring–route of interviews. DO IT! Make mistakes, be goofy in the video, rap about your life and what MEANS something to you. You’ve got this: ) And don’t worry, you won’t be the only one complaining about the work that comes with taking risks along the way…

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