Remediating an Argument, Digitally

In terms of what’s to come next, I have many routes before me for our upcoming Remediation Project. Over the course of my past two years here at Michigan, I feel that I have been given limited openings, and had limited access to build course projects outside of the essay writing sphere. Academically, I’ve rarely had the ability to branch out into other project styles, as the steady diet of exams-essays-exams-essays and more exams seems to be the norm at our academic institution. Building and expressing my ideas through the creation of media-based project opportunities, most notably through video production, has become my very favorite method of creative expression as a young man. This being said, as I have been looking to get into a new video project, I was curious as to how I might go about presenting a video for this project, outside of the standard YouTube platform (looking mostly for website/resource suggestions, as I continue to search down a topic).

As I felt upon first learning about the project, I believe that the Remediation Project will be a fantastic opportunity for me to drive home a set of ideas through media creation, allowing me to also focus away from the sphere of essay writing, for a short period. I truly cannot wait to pin down a topic for my new project (I am considering anything from a humanities based research experience, to a montage/compilation of what it means to be an objectively, or subjectively, successful student at the University of Michigan). I very much look forward to discussing these ideas in class this week, in order to delve into what may be the best road for my own Remediation project!

Henry Khederian

Student, Resident Advisor, Mentor. University of Michigan, Class of 2017.

2 thoughts to “Remediating an Argument, Digitally”

  1. I completely agree with your notion that college students consume the “exam – essay – exam -essay” diet. I’ve never had a project that has allowed me so much creative freedom, which is tricky to manage but exciting to say the least. I really like your idea regarding what it means to be a successful Michigan student. As a Michigan tour guide, I have a lot of thoughts on that topic and I also think it could be a video that truly showcases the student perspective here rather than a piece produced by the University. Can’t wait to discuss in class!

  2. I cannot wait to see what your final product is. I think that exploring what you can do with media creation will be very interesting. What is great about your topic is that everyone will be able to relate to it. You can go so many different directions with this! I was wondering are you using students experience as research in your work? And how are you going to choose who to include in order to diversify the “Michigan student experience?” I hope you can come to a decision soon, Im sure you will make the right one!

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