Text to Image…probably

I keep coming back to this one idea: abstract illustration.

  • Why, Emily, whatever do you mean? Are you going to do an art?
  • “…probably”
Let me catch up my new blog group and anyone else who happens to read this:
For my repurposing project I paired 3 original high fantasy vignettes (short fiction) with an exploratory nonfiction piece.
Concept illustration of the Waystone Inn from Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind

So, my idea is to create 3 illustrations, 1 for each vignette. Either that or a short comic, but I’ll come back to that.

These illustrations wouldn’t necessarily be straightforward images of what my text is describing, but they would also ideally be manifestations of my original intents for each vignette. Which is to say, it’d get a little abstract. Of course, abstraction may also be a product of my artistic style and ability.
That’s one thing I’m kind of worried about for this idea, to be honest. The style I art in may not be conducive to the thoughts I’m trying to get across in the context of my vignette. However, if I think about the images outside of the context of my vignettes and only as separate creations within themselves it could work out pretty well.
K. There’s one.

Now the comic option. This would still focus primarily around my vignettes, but it would leave more room for the author-audience direct communication I love so, so much.

Chibi style comic by MartAiConan on deviantArt
The chibi style pictured to the right would make it fairly easy to add a humorous element to my vignettes, which are otherwise pretty serious. Using a comic could take the same content, but twist it to create a different tone for a different audience.
This could potentially be the scenes direct from the vignettes, or a more superfluous interaction between author and the same elements within the vignettes.
Either way, it seems like a lot. Especially since most of this is digital drawing.
That last goes for the previous abstract art option, too. Though I could definitely do something nondigital, I haven’t every really crossed that threshold outside of technical drawings. I’m not sure if I even have the proper equipment and software for that.
Ah well. These are some solid ideas, and I’ll definitely go with one of the two…eventually.

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2 thoughts to “Text to Image…probably”

  1. Emily, your repurposing project sounds very intriguing, and I would love to read your final vignettes. If you are amenable, perhaps you could share those with me next class. Anyways, the creation of abstract images coinciding with your 3 vignettes seems like a great way to reconnect with your audience, and even attract a new audience. The very nature of this remediation project encourages the formation of new perspectives. This reconsideration of content ends up benefitting the author, and perhaps more importantly, the reader. This holds true for both your abstract drawing idea and your comic idea. However, for for the comic idea, I think you are right in noting the somewhat significant shift in tone that may arise in comparison to your repurposed project.

    I look forward to collaborating on our remediation projects in the coming weeks. Good luck as you begin this creative process.

  2. Hi Emily!
    First off, I want to commend you on your willingness to experiment with rather difficult or different means of conveying your thoughts and ideas in these two projects. I had never heard of the word vignettes before in my life until I started to talk to you about project 1. And with that, I can most certainly attest to the difficulty of creating a good piece of abstract art. Your ability to accept challenge is inspiring to me.
    Now let me gear my response more towards your potential two ideas of creation. My very personal opinion is that I would love to see you pursue the abstract art option. But that is because I would be so excited to see you turn your own words into a piece of art (and yes I realize this is very selfish of me). Less personally, however, I could see where you might grow more as a writer if you chose to repurpose your repurposed project into a comic strip. I think you have a big decision to make and the decision will ultimately be a response to your personal interests in exploration of medium as it relates to this high fantasy.
    I look forward to discussing this more in class tomorrow.
    See ya then!

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