Writing about my thoughts on why I write in response to why I write

Bit of a convoluted title, isn’t it?

When I read George Orwell’s Why I write, I was incredibly surprised at how much the article resonated with me. Despite its cynical nature, the four motives of writing he describes are all feelings that I have felt when composing various pieces. It was eerie how much I agreed with his understanding and perception of writing; it felt like he wrote the indescribable feelings I had toward writing (although I would never compare myself to someone as talented as he).

When compared to the piece we read earlier this semester, Why I blog, I feel like George Orwell’s interpretation takes a far more pessimistic and darker stance than the one present in the Why I blog piece. Ergo, it makes it difficult for me to find connections between the two other than the following: writing is an expression of one’s self, regardless of its form. In the end, isn’t that the ultimate truth that is present in writing?

Anyway, I digress. As for my development as a writer, I was initially unsure as how to answer this question because I didn’t do the type of writing I expected. I would have never imagined writing a script and creating a comic as being the two major pieces of writing I am doing for this class; I expected analysis of academic argumentative essays and other stereotypical bland english writing. Thankfully, this was not the case. Writing outside the stereotypical academic essay has undoubtedly helped me develop as a writer, as it forced me to think about the various aspects of writing that I generally ignored. When writing the script and the comic, I had to consider audience, tone, syntax, ethos, logos, and much more. Ultimately, as a writer, I’d consider myself to have begun the process of breaking the narrow minded shell I was trapped in. Cracks are starting to form, and when I am done, I will become a far greater writer than I have ever been before (hopefully that doesn’t come off as too boastful!)

Robert Molnar

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One thought to “Writing about my thoughts on why I write in response to why I write”

  1. Don’t worry, you are not too boastful! I think the whole “deconstruction of the idea of writing” thing is a common theme among these blogposts. I think that’s why this class is so unique: we don’t write 10 papers, but we discover so many tactics to improve and finesse our writing. I am exciting to see how this class effects the way I approach classes that DO ask me to write a bazillion papers.
    I also found that Orwell’s 4 motives really resonated with me. I think we all know that egotism is at the bottom of the majority of creation, but it’s very striking when someone puts it in such definitive language (like Orwell).

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