Busy, Busy, Busy

This semester has flown by faster than any other. Here we are just weeks away from Christmas break, and I feel like the gateway class is just starting to pick up steam. By this I do not mean to discredit the work we have done so far this semester, but rather acknowledge the significant work yet to be completed in the coming weeks. Of course I am referring to the remediation project, Why I Write project, and the ePortfolio, which are all fairly substantial pieces of writing. I am most excited to work on my ePortfolio, as this project offers an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work I have put into my writing skills this semester.

Putting the ePortfolio on hold for one last week, I used Thanksgiving break as a time to sit down and get a good start on my Why I Write piece. For this project, I took a very different approach than the repurposing project and remediation project, and began the project by simply writing down any/all thoughts that came to mind as I pondered the somewhat overwhelming prompt of Why I Write. This process led to the creation of a more traditional essay containing personal reflections on my progressive development as a writer, beginning from the time I was about ten years old. This was an enjoyable process, and forced me to think back to various aspects of my childhood and relate them to the possible reasons Why I Write, which I had frankly never considered.

Furthermore, my personal reflections on why I write in the beginning of the essay Alt="Cartoon of book acting as bridge over valley"transformed into a more holistic approach to the prompt in the concluding portion of the paper. This final section focuses on the power of writing to provide personal clarity and understanding, facilitate widespread education, and ultimately enable positive change on a societal level. I also used these concluding paragraphs as a time to connect the reason why I write to the reasons why I am driven to pursue medicine. Overall, I felt myself relaxing more as I wrote this draft than the previous two, and this led to a piece that well represents me both in content and style.

2 thoughts to “Busy, Busy, Busy”

  1. Hey Jeremy!!
    Having read your How and Why I Write piece already, it is clear that these two inserts complement each other. I think it is very clear that you are aware and coherent of the included evidence of your actual piece because everything that I pulled out of that piece is what you have re-explained above.
    Anyways, I am super supportive of your How and Why I Write Piece. As we talked about in class, I would certainly work on tone if time allows!!
    Isn’t it relaxing, though, to be able to sit down and not worry so much about writing a piece? This project 3 ( I guess we can call it) seems to me to be a little bit “lower stakes” and has let me just really focus on myself and my position in the world as a writer and it seems that you have found that to be true for you, too.
    I certainly agree with your attention to the amount of work we still have to do before the end of the semester. I am definitely looking forward to the end but trying to appreciate the opportunity to create stuff I am really proud of in the midst.
    Sorry for all of my more self-related comments here. Your writing definitely makes me realize things that we have in common, haha.
    Catch ya on the other side of the weekend, Jeremy!

  2. I really like how you did your How and Why. I think overall in style it’s a testament to how you’ve written this semester and the concepts you discuss show how you’ve grown as a writer and where you’re headed, as well.
    I’m glad that you were able to find so much enjoyment in this project and hope it carries through to the other projects you still need to work on.

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