Dear Future Writing Minors…

Dear Future Writing Minors,

Congratulations on being in the program! Throughout the semester, you’ll grow as a writer and learn new skills. First off, definitely don’t procrastinate. There’s a lot due by the end of the semester (I’m in the midst of finishing it all up now) and you don’t want to leave any of it until the last minute.

Second of all, I encourage you to try something new. I for one, am not super skilled when it comes to learning new technology, and was so terrified of iMovie I almost just made a Prezi instead! However, it ended up being a lot easier to master than I thought, and while my video is nowhere near professional quality, it’s pretty good for an amateur. I’m really proud of myself for trying something new, and in the end it’s a new skill you can put on your resume and talk about in interviews. I actually really enjoyed challenging myself with a new type of media, and I think I learned a lot about maintaining a strong voice and sense of audience no matter what of type of creative work your doing. I think the best piece of advice I can give is just to commit to pushing yourself, and don’t just stick to what’s comfortable and familiar. The beauty of this course is that you have so much creative freedom you can basically do whatever you want. While that might seem daunting, see it as an opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a piece of fiction, or try your hand at photoshop. Don’t feel overwhelmed just because you’re not super familiar with a certain technology – there are tons of people in class who probably are.

You’ll come to see that no piece of work you do in this class ever really feels finished, and that’s okay! Re-writing is part of the process, and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever written anything that couldn’t benefit from yet another draft. Most importantly, have fun and write about a topic you’re passionate about (you’ll be writing about the same thing for an entire semester, after all). Good luck!




Lauren Diamond

Lauren Diamond is a Junior at the University of Michigan and a Political Science Major.

2 thoughts to “Dear Future Writing Minors…”

  1. I relate so much to what you said about everything feeling unfinished. That feeling is something I have been struggling with all semester, but I have come to accept that it is just something that comes along with writing. There is always room to improve, there are always hundreds of different ways to structure the same arguments, or even the same sentence, and there are always things I want to change. And that’s all okay because no matter what it is unique to me and I’m happy as long as I get my message across. And I strongly agree with using the skills we have learned in interviews or professional settings. Every employer wants a good writer and it is such a bonus that this class has given us additional skills besides the obvious writing-related ones.

  2. Like Shannon said, I definitely can relate to the unfinished aspect. I agree that revisions can always be made (especially because we grow as people, and we’re always learning so how can we not change things when we’re constantly changing?). I think the unfinished aspect is compounded by the fact that most of us our writing about something we feel passionate about. There’s this sense of doing something justice, and I wonder if the unfinished feeling is related to the desire for justice.

    You’re advice definitely spoke to my experiences in this course.

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