Eportfolio Reflection (or: It’s the Final Countdown!)

At the close of this semester, I think I can safely say that the eportfolio was one of my favorite projects of any class I took. Part of that might be because I didn’t procrastinate on it, instead I chipped away at it for a number of weeks. I kind of used it as a “break” from other, more intense homework.

Wix was a great platform. I was very concerned with professional, no-nonsense presentation and I think I achieved that with the Wix formatting tools (with no coding involved!). There were a few aesthetic things I had some issues with, like choosing a background and whether or not I wanted everything on the website to be accessible via the main menu, but I eventually figured all of that out (and I know that I can change them with relative ease).

I think the biggest thing I want to continue working on is content. If I plan on using this website professionally, I want to showcase a larger breadth of my work. That hinges on writing more, of course. Also, and this is a smaller issue, I want to include my professional headshot in my About Me. Right now, my face is kind of obscured.

Learning how to make my own website has been a great experience! I plan on referring back to this portfolio for future projects.

Here is said portfolio:


Emily Cotten

Emily Cotten is a sophomore Vocal Performance major at the University of Michigan. She hails from North Carolina and enjoys reading, writing, and blasting opera hits in her car while driving down the highway.

2 thoughts to “Eportfolio Reflection (or: It’s the Final Countdown!)”

  1. Emily,
    I agree with you on how the eportfolio was one of my favorite projects, it seemed like a good break to design something rather than type out another meticulous essay! The fact that we had such a long time to create our own ideal website was also a bonus, it would have been hard to do this kind of project in a weekend. I feel like everyone agrees with you on how user friendly Wix is, and it’s interesting how you took a more professional route with this project. It undoubtedly does look rather formal in nature, so your persistence in designing the webpage has certainly paid off! And I feel like the content aspect of the portfolio will come naturally to you as you continue your undergraduate experience. Perhaps you will have a music theory paper that you really find interesting, and decide to add it to the blog. Adding more content onto your website will probably be a more natural process than you think. Your hard work certainly shows, and I’m glad to see that you’re proud of your work. Thanks for being part of an amazing blog group, and I hope you have a good break!

  2. Hey Emily,
    I think your portfolio looks really great! You did accomplish that no-nonsense feel you were going for, and I agree that Wix’s easy usability made it so much fun to work with. Aesthetic is very important when trying to display yourself online, and it’s good that you realized this and played it up the best that you could. At the start of the semester you explained how you’re a voice major and that writing was something you needed to work on, but I can’t remember ever not being impressed by your work. You’re already so good, keep it up and don’t doubt yourself. I enjoyed getting to know you this semester and wish you the best of luck at the music school!

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