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At the beginning of the semester I thought that the ePortfolio would be the easiest project of the course. I imagined myself uploading content with minimal formatting, all done in a day. I thought I could just drag in a few photos and upload a few documents and put my name on it and be done. But that was not the case at all.

This project was way more difficult than I expected, but not in a bad way. I struggled with design and layout and making the entire site cohesive despite the different content I put on the site. I felt like nothing was ever centered or looked exactly how I wanted. Most of that frustration was because of the differences depending on screen size. I didn’t know that was an issue until we started working on them in class. I probably spent half an hour in front of my lap top and a big desktop computer going make and forth by the millimeter trying to get the title of one page centered.

After doing all of that, I had to let go. I accepted that everything may not be centered, but it all the text boxes would be roughly how I wanted them to look. If I could, that is something I would keep working on but I think it would make me go cross-eyed. I also plan on working on my home page more. It opens on some recent information about me and a date and time it was updated. I am going to update that as it changes, although it hasn’t changed in a while. I have been too busy with the end of the semester and now finals to read or visit new places. I hope that changes over break and I can update my page soon.

Despite the little imperfections, I am happy with my ePortfolio. I think that it has a good balance of showing my personality and showing my work. I really like having a place to put all of my work that isn’t my documents folder. It is as personal or professional as I want to make it, and now that I have spent a good amount of time working with Wix, I feel like I could change that easily. If I wanted to make it more professional I could easily make those adjustments, and the same with making it more personal. Going forward, I want to add an internships tab where I include posts and pictures from internships past and present. This is taking it in a more professional direction but it is still personal depending on how I write the posts and what pictures I include.


Shannon Vail

I am a senior Art History major who thoroughly enjoys cooking, traveling, beagles and Buffalo sports.

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  1. I definitely started replying to your post in Lauren’s comment box. So now she has half of your comments under her post. But anyway, you’re site’s come so far since we last met! Is the photo of the bookcase yours? I really struggled with having a photograph on the homepage or using one throughout, but using it as a background image is such a good idea! I never thought of that. It makes your site look very homey.

    Also your use of reflective text is so concise. I need to learn from you.

    I actually forgot that this is a site we can update after we leave this class. I actually started making another site half way through this course, and its amazing that I’ve never tinkered with making a website before. I’ll probably just make another site that I can use on my resume or for job opportunities and internships, since the work I did for this class was too personal. I’m assuming my capstone stuff will be just as personal, so it makes sense in the long to invest in new site.

    I feel like everyone included

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