Fashionably late: The road home

While creating my ePortfolio I spent a lot of time going through the archives, looking at the things that past students had done. This would be where my portfolio would end up after all, like all the others. What could I do to make it truly my own?

I was never the one to present myself on such a public platform, so it was odd creating something about myself, something everyone would look at. It was difficult gaging what was too much information and what was too little, but I think in the end I found a happy medium. It’s cool to see everything I’ve written in class turned into something so visual and interactive. I strove to create a portfolio that would be beautiful to look at and I’m proud of coming as close as I could to that vision.

My portfolio is like an adventure. You can visit and explore, discovering many things. Most people won’t discover much, I’m sure we’re all just browsing casually through each others, looking just to look. Well go on and look as you please.

Check it out:

Rachel Hutchings

Los Angeles born, Ann Arbor raised. I'm a film student at the University of Michigan and an ardent music junkie on the side. I'm sure you'll catch me at local gigs around town.

One thought to “Fashionably late: The road home”

  1. Rachel,
    It’s a good thing that you went through an archive to get a rough idea of how you wanted to design your eportfolio. It’s probably something I should have done rather than just left the design to my highly ambitious imagination! Regardless, I like how you tried to make your eportfolio truly your own, to distinguish it among the other eportfolio’s shelved away in the archives. It’s something I never really bothered to ask myself, I was too fixated on the idea of being able to truly express myself haha. Nevertheless, I understand how difficult it can be to find the happy medium of how much you want to express yourself; in the end, however, I feel like such dedication is evident when looking through said portfolio. It truly is a portfolio that is aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to peruse. And if my understanding of adventures is correct, it shouldn’t be about what we discover per say. Part of the adventure is looking back at the trek, reminiscing on the journey that it took to get us from start to finish. That’s ultimately what the eportfolio is supposed to represent, our adventure from the beginning to the end of the class. And in this regard, I feel like we will undoubtedly learn a lot from each other. Anyway, thanks for being a part of an amazing blog group, and I hope you have a great break!

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