Putting it all together

I am astounded at how much I’ve progressed over the semester.  The main thing I’ve learned, however, is that writing is not all about essays.  It’s about displaying your ideas in a way that will captivate an audience.  As I’ve made this realization, my work has taken off.  It has opened my mind to so many more possibilities, and has made my writing so much more creative and interesting.  And it’s so great to see all my work come together, as compiled in my ePortfolio.

I want to walk you through my ePortfolio, titled “Piecing together a healthy lifestyle” as a testament to the many artifacts that I’ve created and pieced together in this portfolio.   My introduction features things that you should know about me: who I am, and why I write.  Two things that will give the reader a taste of who I am as a person, and context that will help them go through the remainder of the portfolio.

Then, the reader will be drawn to “Click Here to Access My Projects”.  I thought it was important to feature a link to get to these projects because these projects are the meat of the portfolio, and if the reader sees nothing else, they should take a look at my remediation and repurposing.  On the page, “Repurposing and Remediating”, I explain the projects so that those outside of the minor in writing will have no trouble catching on.  Then, it prompts the reader to enter each project.

On the repurposing page, I’ve included the website I created embedded in my site.  However, I’ve found that it can be a bit hard to navigate within another website, so I tried to feature a link that will bring the reader to my website in a new tab.  I’ve decided to do reflections on multiple pages– this means including drafts and writing about my process.  I think that this provides the reader with a good sense of how I came up with the website, and what my overall intentions are.

Clicking to the “Remediation” page brings the reader a similar reflection on the final, and links to access the drafts, which also have reflection.  The problem I’ve encountered here is that although the final product is meant to be an email, I could not figure out how to embed an email in my website, so I’ve included the PDF instead.  The boxes on the side prompt the reader to enter his/her email, so the email will be sent to their inbox, which is the intended format of my remediation.

And that’s it!  The reader can choose to click on the “More” tab to see more of my work, and they can contact me through the “Contact Me” page (no way!).

This semester has been a whirlwind of so many different projects and assignments in this class, and I’ve loved every second of it, but sometimes it was hard to see where my work was going.  Now, to have finished a portfolio showcasing my work is a tremendous feeling for me, as it wraps up the class and gives me a place to reference my work at any point in my life.

Here’s the link– www.nzingas.wix.com/colezingas

Hope you enjoy!

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