The final hoedown.

I have definitely come a long way in my eportfolio (click the link).

Weebly has overall done exactly what I’ve wanted it to…except for some weird color vs black and white back splash fiascos that I still need to sort out…which was help me display my work with little extravaganza on my part. It’s been very user friendly, and the simple site building techniques helped me stick to a professional lay out, which I know if I had more options I would have been tempted to overcrowd the design. #knowyourselfshowyourself

See? I’m already branding.

parks and recreation gif
Just to be clear, I’m “Larry/Gary/Jerry”.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with the writing side of my eportfolio right now. The design side, however, needs a bit of work. But that’s more just me creating better content for my portfolio more than anything. -laughs sardonically-

Aside from that, I’m definitely pleased with what I was able to put together. Along with the repurposing, remediating, and why/how projects I’m showcasing 4 essays (3 and 1 other¬†media project) that exhibit other genres I’m comfortable writing in. I think this will help develop a better rounded perspective with different topics–since the original source, repurpose, and remediate are all about the same thing. My remediation isn’t even technically writing (…OR IS IT?).

Anyway, something I wanted to achieve in this portfolio¬†was a well-rounded showcasing of my relevant talents as a writer and designer. I think I’ve done an alright job. I’m excited to see how this process changes come Capstone.

Everyone has really done a fantastic job though!

parks and recreation leslie knope
Because all of the Parks and Rec.

Emily Post

Mostly books and buildings, with a hefty dose of veggie foods.

One thought to “The final hoedown.”

  1. Hi Emily,

    I’m glad you are satisfied with the final contents of your ePortfolio. And I definitely agree with you that Weebly was the way to go in terms of a website platform. I found the site very user friendly, which allowed me to focus on my content as opposed to my web design.

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you throughout the semester. Best of luck next semester, and happy holidays.

    Jeremy Lynn

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