Welcome to my ePortfolio…

This semester flew by.

I can still feel the excitement of being accepted into the Sweetland Minor in Writing, just last year. And now, I’m creating a summary of my work in the program. This summary takes the form of an ePortfolio–a virtual threshold to my writing.

But, I don’t see this as a synopsis for my work, because it’s not a skim through my grades for the semester. But rather, I see it as the very bones of who I am as a writer, and where I’m going on this journey. I know it sounds cheesy to call a career a journey, but I’m choosing this word because it suggests that there will be high’s and low’s, not just a monotonous progressive path to writerly perfection. I’d like to think that I’m getting better as a writer, but there’s no real way for me to judge that. I can only see my progress when I take a step back, and observe it in its entirety and ask myself the larger questions about my semester in the Gateway Course. I ask myself, “Did I respond to the critiques of my rough drafts, and improve on those flaws? Was my reflection reflective enough? Am I better at acting welcoming criticism?”

These questions serve to assess who I’ve become as a writer rather than the texts themselves. Determining which projects were stronger than others is helpful, but it is the reflective material that informs me of which of my processes, as a writer, was the strongest.

And, when I take ownership of these processes, as I’m doing by publishing this ePortfolio, I’m declaring myself an author.

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