I’m an avid tweeter and I’ll admit, the amount of profound thoughts I manage to squeeze into 140 characters is nothing short of extraordinary. Like my latest bout, where I tweet at Taco Bell asking them to cater my birthday party– riveting. Twitter is a unique venue, where I am able to broadcast my obviously imperative sentiments. My point: I think blogging is similar. A place you share your thoughts, and in order to do so you must think that they’re somehow worth sharing. So, I have no issue sharing my obviously important opinions on twitter, but somehow I was very nervous and unsure as to what to post to this blog. Blogging offers a much wider space with less limitations, and now my writing is back to back with my peers’  instead of ridiculous World Star vines and clips from The Office. I never I imagined I was afraid to share my thoughts in front of others, but writing on a blog provides so much room for close examination. You have to submit something that you feel is worthy for others to see and judge. And somehow I don’t think “5430 yeah” (the undeniably inspiring final lyrics to a T0-Pain song) will cut it here.

Therefore, the form of writing I am interested in exploring is blogging. I have tried it before, but unsuccessfully. I love to write and think I conjure invaluable revelations, however, I do not share those with others. And isn’t it just unfair to not bless the internet with your latest epiphany that defuncts the latest political debacles and long-time existential crises? Overall, I think blogging is a gateway to journalism because it allows you to build confidence in your opinions and tone. At the end of the day, that is something I am interested in pursuing. So, I guess you could say I’m a dabbler. I’m dabbling in the realms of blogging and article writing.

(Thanks? Do I sign off here? I’m obviously a very amateur dabbler)



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