Advice Doesn’t Sound Like a Word if You Say it Enough Times

So the first advice post I read was “Blog 12: Closing Time One Last Call for Alcoh…**Advice” by Rebecca Soverinsky. If I’m going to be honest, I chose to comment on her post because her words were so encouraging and hopeful to me. I’m bed ridden with the plague right now so doing homework that made me feel a little bit better was so helpful. Rebecca wrote about how capable we all are as writers which is something I sometimes forget about myself. Pushing boundaries was also another aspect of her post that intrigued me as well.

Which brings me to why I chose to comment on Anna Prenzler’s piece “Go you. Do you. Be you.”. ¬†Anna touched upon stepping outside of our writing comfort zone which is something I’m quite afraid of if I’m being frank. Using mediums other than notebook and paper or Google Docs is daunting to me. Anna’s post reminded me that although these sort of things might be frightening at first, there is no room to grow without them. I suppose I’ll learn to step outside of my writing comfort zone in time.

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