3 Magazines Every Writer Should Consider Reading

For one of our first small assignments, we were tasked with reading this article and deciding which three magazines we were interested in reading. I did not begin making my list with the intentions of choosing the magazines in any particular way. Ironically, however, I chose one magazine I already read, one that I would be likely to read, and one that I would not normally choose to read, but that I would like to challenge myself to.

One of the more interesting articles I found was from “Make:” magazine, “Can You Figure Out How This Bike-Powered Water Pump Works?”  This article is crazy. There is a video demonstrating a bike-powered water pump, an explanation of how it works, and a discussion about its significance. As a writer, I rarely consider challenging my audience to answer a question or develop their own arguments. In many of my academic writing classes, I’ve been taught to establish a strong thesis and use the rest of my essay to convince readers to side with my thesis. In a more open-ended writing class like this one, however, it could be interesting to experiment with asking a few questions in my projects that I do not necessarily have a concrete answer to, and asking my peers to determine their own conclusions.

Below, the three magazines I will be adding as new bookmarks to my browser:

1. Make:

I would love to challenge myself to read this magazine. It sounds like the type of magazine I would typically stray away from; admittedly, lately I’ve been addicted to “listicles” and anything involving food/wine and culture. But I think it could be stimulating to seek out “how-to” help from somewhere other than Google or Siri. Also, articles I usually skip over, such as ones about design or art, could be inspiring in interesting ways.

2. Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach sounds like a way more fun version of the culinary publications I usually read, like Food and Wine or Cooking Light. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love cooking, baking, trying new restaurants, and devouring cookbooks, restaurant menus, and food magazines. Upon visiting the Lucky Peach website, the first issue that screamed out at me was the one about breakfast. Beyond just breakfast recipes, I can satisfy my breakfast obsession through articles like one about the resurgence of the New York bagel or how to keep eggs fresh for eight months.

3. Fast Company

When my dad lost his job 7 or so years ago and was creating his own company, we began to get Fast Company delivered to our house. Even though at the time, I was in high school and had no intentions of looking for a job or creating my own business, my dad encouraged my brother and I to peruse the magazine to gather inspiration and motivation. Since then, I’ve continued to read the magazine fairly often to get inspired by what young entrepreneurs are up to and to stay up to date on modern workforce trends.


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