Brainstorming the Capstone Project

As I sat in class Thursday, I changed my mind every ten minutes about what to do for my project. Some ideas are too vague, some aren’t monumentally “new and inventive”, and others are simply bigger than I can successfully tackle in the time given. So many possibilities. So many uncertainties.

When initially writing down six options, I did not feel strongly about any choice, either way. In class, I attempted to narrow them down with minimal success. There are two options that stick out in my mind. One more concrete than the other.

The first is songwriting as a form. I initially thought of this because it is something I always wanted to learn, but have never gotten a chance to explore it in my coursework as a Communications Studies major. I sang my entire life until college, so although writing songs is a whole new playing filed, I believe I would genuinely enjoy spending time on this. My apprehension with this as a project is what the main topic would be. It is possible that I could try to make the process of learning how to do it the actual topic. It definitely warrants research of music theory, the psychology behind music/songwriting, and much more. This process also warrants much reflection, and multimedia work. I just worry about how to make this a well-rounded, interesting, and “new” topic. What scope would I actually use? To be determined.

If I did this, the disciplines used could be: Music composition/theory, psychology, sociomusicology, and more?

Focal Object: Songwriting

Confound Variable: No idea, I would say doing all of this work via songs, however writing songs about songwriting sounds as boring and it does absurd.

There are many loose ends with this idea….

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