What is Writing 220? Am I cut out to minor in Writing? Am I even a writer? What am I even doing? 

According to Sonalee Joshi’s post titled “So You’re Doing the Minor in Writing…”, you all also have no idea what you’re doing either. Joshi says in all caps at the end of her post, “NO ONE ELSE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING EITHER.” This was some really powerful advice because behind the humor, it is probably true, and is certainly reassuring. Joshi’s entire post was a mixture of humor and truth– something that I find really appealing when I am reading. She gives us real advice like using your teacher, and peers as resources, but she also ends her post with “I PROMISE: AFTR DIS CLASS UR RITING WIL B MUCH GOOD.” The messages throughout the post remain heartfelt, with the underlying message being to be yourself and try your best and you will not fail. I like that.

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