Hey it’s Kevin, from Long Island

Long Island, NY: home of the world’s best bagels (in my opinion) and yours truly.

Specifically, I’m from a small town called Rockville Centre which is near the south shore of the island.

I would’ve led with that, but I learned a lesson pretty quickly my freshman year. If you tell someone you’re from Rockville Centre, their reaction will typically be, “Wow Rockefeller Center?! You live by the big Christmas tree in the city?”

Well, I don’t live by the tree, but I imagine that would be pretty cool if I did.

Anyway, I’m the youngest of six by a long shot — my brother James is 27 and he’s the closest to me in age, and my oldest sister Janet is 38.

Growing up in a family like that was unique:

On one hand, I practically had a few extra parents, so I think I was forced to grow up a little fast.

On the other, I was an uncle in sixth grade — now an uncle to four kids.

Because of them, I’ve built way too many LEGO sets in the past year than any college guy should. I think they’re the reason that a part of me is still a little kid.

That’s probably part of the reason I want to be a sports journalist. I’m a Communications Studies major and a Writing minor, but I cover sports for the school paper and that’s my biggest passion.

I mean come on, if I could watch baseball and write about it my whole life that would be a pretty good deal — I’d get to keep the part of me that’s a little kid forever.

Speaking of being a little kid, my teacher yelled at me a lot in fifth grade.

Ms. Palmer really hated that I refused to make outlines before I started writing. For a while, I was stubborn. I would her that I didn’t need an outline to write well. But I was in a strict catholic school where having your tie an eighth of an inch off center got you in trouble. So eventually, I got tired of her screaming at me, and I started to outline every essay I wrote.

I still do.

But not much has changed since fifth grade — I still don’t think outlines help me write well and they usually end up in the trash after I make them.

I essentially just spill words and thoughts onto the page. Once I have nothing else to pour out on to the paper, I pull my hands away from the keyboard and I usually feel like what I typed is absolute gold. I’m wrong 99.9% of the time, though.

That’s when my three-round editing process begins. Once that’s over, and after I click Spellcheck on Microsoft Word, I’m usually left satisfied with my work.

I’m on the left. Got cheated out of holding the flag.

And just a side note from before: Sports isn’t the only thing I love.

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead. 

I enjoy reading when I have the time. When I was forced to read The Great Gatsby junior year of high school I was pretty annoyed. Now it’s still my favorite book.

Lastly, I’ll listen to almost any type of music out there, but Bruce Springsteen is probably my favorite artist.

I guess I can thank my older siblings for that.



6 thoughts to “Hey it’s Kevin, from Long Island”

  1. Hey Kevin! What sports do you cover for the school paper- any/ all sports or just specific ones? Do you get any type of cool backstage passes or exclusive access to events? That’d be pretty sweet…
    I totally relate to the bit about outlines. My teachers in elementary school were always determined to get me to write an outline, and I never liked doing it. Now, just as you said, I can’t write an essay without first drafting a quick outline!

    1. Right now I only cover hockey, but I’ve covered soccer, track, lacrosse, swimming and softball in the past. It’s a pretty cool experience because we get press passes — we get to sit in the press box, interview players and coaches after, and typically we can go to practices.

  2. Hey Kevin! I’m going to lead by saying the same thing you said to me: this was really funny. I was entertained from beginning to end, and while this post was not about sports per say, I can see how you would be a great sport journalist for that very reason. You do a very good job of breaking up your ideas, making them flow, and keeping your readers interest. So kudos.

    I really relate to your vendetta against outlines; they are so constricting in my opinion. I never stick to them anyways, as you said. I think we should make a movement to abolish forced outlines in grade school; we ought to end anger against said students who think differently, namely more fluidly or freely. Anyways, I suppose they are helpful for some so we may not get very far with our proclamations and protests.

    I’m fascinated by your family as well, since it seems as if your background has seriously influenced your passions and pursuits. How often do you get to see the cousins and construct LEGO sets and such? Also, do you pretty much only do sports journalism? Or do you toy with other genres as well? If so, outside of sports journalism, what is your guilty writing pleasure, so to speak?

    1. Hey Danielle,
      They’re actually not my cousins. They’re my nieces and my nephew. That still feels weird to say sometimes haha. I see them every break and over the summer. Joe is the big LEGO guy, so I usually get roped into that when I see them.

      I only do sports journalism right now (I cover the hockey team here and that takes a lot of time). Outside of sports writing, I don’t think I really have a guilty writing pleasure right now. It seems like the past few years I’ve been caught up with academic papers whenever I’m not writing about sports. But I’m hoping to discover one through Gateway this semester. If you’ve got any suggestions let me know and I’ll give it a shot haha.

  3. Hi Kevin!
    The Yankees suck and Brady is a god.
    Also, why don’t you have a J name like your siblings?

    Do a lot of your friends write for the Daily? Do you all hang out and talk about sports and journalism? I always wondered if those kinds of school organizations were good places to make good friends. I feel that that’s a good way to make Michigan seem a little smaller.

    I’m a little surprised that The Great Gatsby is your favorite book! I honestly didn’t really like it, oops. It feels blasphemous to say that, but I just didn’t even like the story. Maybe I should see the movie. Or reread it. What other kinds of books do you like? Do you get a chance to read often?

    1. Figured I’d answer the few questions you asked. My other siblings are Mike, TJ and Vin, so I’m actually not too excluded having a name that doesn’t start with J. Most of my closest friends write for the Daily, and yeah we hang out and talk about sports a lot. But we talk about other stuff too haha. It’s definitely a great way to make Michigan smaller if you’re ever interested in joining.

      I don’t get a chance to read that often, but I’ll never be able to get over the Harry Potter series. I also really liked The Giver and Lord of the Flies.

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