Project Idea: One-Child at Home

I realized that I have been procrastinating on writing this post because I want to retain the feeling of possibility towards the final project. My six preliminary ideas are all interesting to me in some way, some being more intellectual than others while some seem more as an experiment or immersion writing. Anyway, I would like to explore the idea of understanding the cultural influence of China’s one-child policy. It is an idea that I think will be more challenging to work with and something that I could see myself continuously exploring.

It is of particular interest to me not only because of my personal background of growing up in Hong Kong, one of the few places that are exceptions towards the policy, but also because I have been bombarded with biased information towards how unethical / ethical the policy is. In some way, China’s one-child policy could be a discussion of the pro-life or pro-choice debate. However, having met many of peers who came from Mainland China and made friends with some of them, I realized that it is not uncommon to hear that they would like to have siblings to grow up with. In some way, they recognized some social phenomena the policy brings. For example, resource is centralized on one child in a family and therefore, the policy indirectly encourages a high growth of competition in education and career. There are some news articles, op-ed, and non-fiction works that have explored the cultural implications of the policy. However, it seems that all the information I have encountered is negative. Therefore, I would like to understand whether there are positive cultural impacts of the policy and if so, how the future may look like of a system of values and believes in the Chinese community.

Discipline: History, Psychology, Legal, Economic, Sociology, Culture, etc.

Focal object: Children, environment one was raised in, social values

Confounding variable: Humor? Comics with caption?

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